On September 7, PokerKing underwent a client update. Most of the new features affected multi-table tournaments:

  • The order of tabs in the tournament lobby can now be customized depending on the stage of the tournament. For example, during registration, show the number of players as the first item, and in completed tournaments, payouts.
  • Tournaments with an overlay at the late registration stage are marked in the lobby with a special icon – a purple siren, to the left of the guarantee.
  • Part of the tournament buy-in can now be paid in cash, part – in tournament dollars (T$)
  • A player search window has appeared in the tournament lobby
  • The buy-in and bounty amounts are displayed separately in the lobby of each knockout tournament
  • All On Demand tournaments are displayed (previously only those that started)

There are also several design changes:

  • New animation when winning a hand
  • It will become easier to track active tables: the rest after folding will darken the outlines of the upper part.

The next software update is scheduled for October.