After the update to RedStar Poker client, an unusual feature called Twister Boost appeared, allowing players to increase the prize pool for an additional fee. Here are the mechanics of how it works.

The option works in classic spins and Wild Twister for €3 and €15 marked with BOOST in the lobby (not available in Age of the Gods) and can be activated in the client settings. If it is activated for all players at the table, after the multiplier is determined and the prize pool is calculated, a window will appear with a request. Players have 20 seconds to make a decision.


Each participant's buy-in is deducted for using the feature, and the prize pool is increased.

The option may be offered multiple times until one of the following events occurs:

  • Rejection by any of the participants (or when the timer runs out)
  • Reaching the maximum prize size
  • Reaching the maximum number of boosts

You can track the history of played spins (number of boosts, final prize pool) in the History -> Tournaments section.

Twister Boost is supported in the RedStar Poker Windows app, mobile version, and web client.