WCOOP 2022 starts on September 4

This fall, WCOOP will run from September 4th to 28th.

The schedule includes 104 + 12 championship tournaments with buy-ins ranging from $5.50 to $25,000 in three buy-in categories: Low ($2.20 – $22), Medium ($22.01 – $215) and High (from $215). The main discipline is hold'em, but the fans of Omaha, short deck, HORSE, 8-game, stud and other games have not been forgotten.

The Main Events will start on September 26 at 0:05 Moscow time, and you can choose the buy-in to your taste:

– 92-L: $109, $2,500,000 guaranteed
– 92-M: $1,050, $4,000,000 guaranteed
– 91-H: $10,300, $6,000,000 guaranteed

Along the way, PokerStars launched several themed promotions:

WCOOP Fast Track is a series of satellites to the Main Event. There are 4 stages in total: $5, $20, $109 and finals for $1,050. Multiple tickets will be exchanged for tournament dollars.

There are also $0.50, $4 and $20 WCOOP spins with a chance to win a ticket to the $1,050 and $10,300 Main Event. These will run until 06:59 Moscow time on September 27.

$100,000 leaderboards for the best players in the series . There will be a leaderboard for each buy-in category + a summary, the winner of which will receive $25,000! Points are awarded depending on the format of the table and the place taken in the tournament.

9359-1630Next 10% of paid places25Next 10% of paid places25
10-1830Next 10% of paid places25Next 10% of paid places20Next 10% of paid places20
Next 10% of paid places25Next 10% of paid places20Next 20% of paid places15Next 20% of paid places15
Next 10% of paid places20Next 20% of paid places15Next 20% of paid places10Next 20% of paid places10
Next 20% of paid places15Next 20% of paid places10Final 40% of paid places5Final 40% of paid places5
Next 20% of paid places10Final 40% of paid places5
Final 40% of paid places5
4-maxShootout tournaments with 6 players at the tableheads-up
13-1630 257-51215
Next 10% of paid places25513-102410
Next 10% of paid places201 025-20485
Next 20% of paid places15
Next 20% of paid places10
Final 40% of paid places5



Low buy-ins


Medium buy-ins


High buy-ins

Freeroll for 2021 WCOOP Champions. Amonatg last year's winners, 5 tickets to the $10k Main Event will be up for grabs. The freeroll will start on September 4 at 21:30 Moscow time.

The full schedule of the series with the Moscow start time of the tournaments.

$25,000 and $50,000 freerolls after Formula 1 races

The freerolls dedicated to the 2022 Formula 1 Grand Prix of the 2022 season continue until November 21 at PokerStars .

The $25,000 Guaranteed Checkered Flag Freeroll starts the day after the end of the race weekend, on Mondays at 21:00 Moscow time.

arrival dateThe Grand PrixFreeroll date
Sun, September 4NetherlandsMon, 5 September
Sun, September 11ItalyMon, 12 September
Sun, October 2SingaporeMon, October 3
Sun, October 9JapanMon, 10 October
Sun, October 23USAMon, 24 October
Sun, October 30Mexico CityMon, 31 October
Sun, November 13Sao PauloMon, November 14
Sun, November 20Abu DhabiMon, November 21

If one of the Oracle Red Bull Racing drivers (Sergio Perez or Max Verstappen) wins the race, the freeroll prize pool will be increased to $50,000.

Prizes in the tournament are paid out as tickets to the Sunday Million and its satellites. To take part in the freeroll, you need to register in the client's Challenges menu before the start of the race weekend.


Latest satellites to Sochi Poker Festival Autumn

From September 2 to 12, Sochi Casino hosts the autumn stage of the Sochi Poker Festival series. It's not too late to qualify for the main tournament of the series for 59,500 rubles at Pokerdom. Until September 3 inclusive at 20:00, a step-satellite starts for 150 rubles with rebuys and add-ons, 10 tickets for 1,500 rubles each are raffled off. And on September 4, the players are waiting for the final with guaranteed 5 tickets to the main.

the dateTime (MSK)TournamentFormatBuy-in, ₽Guarantee
4 September20:00[Final Satellite] SPF Autumn – Main Event Day 1AReentry15005 tickets for 59, 500 ₽
Until September 320:00[Step Satellite] SPF Autumn – Main Event Day 1ARebuy/Addon15010 tickets for 1,500 ₽

You can get a satellite ticket for 150 rubles or even for free! Just play at hold'em cash tables with limits of 5/10 rubles and higher. Every day, the first 20 people who make a full house with kings will receive tickets.

The winners of the final satellites will be registered on Day 1A of the Main Event on September 8th. Playing on another day, transferring a ticket to another player, or exchanging a ticket for money are not supported.

If you win 2 tickets to the main, then the second one can be used for re-entry (if re-entry is not required, after the end of the series you will receive 59,500 in the form of tournament money to your Pokerdom account).

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$10,000,000 in promotions and leaderboards for September

GGPoker published a monthly update of promotions and leaderboards: the total prize pool in September will be $10,000,000. There is only one change: Spin&Gold has reduced the guarantee for the second month in a row, now they will give away $10,000 instead of the $15,000 offered in August.

There is only one leaderboard for regular and 6-max spins. For your place on the leaderboard in accordance with the buy-in and the size of the table, a special currency is earned – gold. Points earned from 11am to 11am the next day in Moscow are counted.

More about leaderboards and prizes .

WSOP Online continues in September

One of the largest tournament series of the year continues until September 25th. There are 18 more bracelet tournaments to go and almost a month of daily WSOP Gift Box ticket giveaways.

In the promotion, MTT players are rewarded for their activity with gift boxes containing tickets and cash dollars. All you have to do is play multi-table tournaments (private, Flip&Go, GGCare, Spin&Gold, Battle Royale and satellites do not count) and earn points on the leaderboard. Calculation formula: log (prize fund) / sqrt (position at the finish line / number of participants) .

Each credit day lasts from 11:00 to 10:59 the next day Moscow time. Prizes are awarded to the top 1,500 players.

1-100 ($100 box)2 tickets $10 All-in or Fold Sit & Go
ticket $10 Spin & Gold
ticket $10 Battle Royale
ticket $20 Flip & Go
101-440 ($20 box)2 tickets $2.5 All-in or Fold Sit & Go
$5 Spin & Gold ticket
$3 Battle Royale ticket
ticket $3 Flip & Go
441-1,500 ($5 box)2 tickets $0.5 All-in or Fold Sit & Go
ticket $1 Spin & Gold
ticket $1 Battle Royale
ticket $0.5 Flip & Go

Tickets are valid for 90 days.

Schedule of bracelet tournaments .

Read detailed reviews of the final tables on our forum by Dmitry Shahovez and Evgeny Eugenius.

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RedStar Poker

$25,000 lottery with prizes per game or per deposit

On September 1, RedStar Poker will start a new stage of its lottery with a prize pool of over $25,000.

A lottery ticket can be obtained by completing daily tasks:

– Make a deposit from $10/€10/700 ₽/60¥/₴250.
– Play 250 hands at any table (excluding tournaments).

Prizes are credited to your account within 24 hours.

Bonus slot game50
10 free spins1500
5 free spins7500
Casino bonus $10200
Ticket €525
€25 poker bonus or $10 casino bonus200
€10 Poker Bonus or $5 Casino Bonus or $5 Free Bet500

Poker bonuses worth €25 and €10 must be selected and confirmed in Cashier -> Bonuses. They are redeemed in installments of €1 for every 200 Status Points. The wagering period is 30 days.

The lottery will run until the prize draw is complete (the remaining amount can be found on the promotion page). Unused bonuses and tickets expire after the end of the lottery.

€12,500 weekly spins races

Every week, RedStar players have access to a €12,500 spins race. Points are awarded for participation and victory in Twister tournaments, and those who score the most points in a week will receive prizes. The 250 most active players are rewarded, the winner will receive 20 tickets for spins worth €50. The more expensive the tournaments, the more points you earn.

Buy-inParticipation pointsPoints for victory

Prize table

120 Twister tickets for €50
215 Twister tickets for €50
310 Twister tickets for €50
48 Twister tickets for €50
56 Twister tickets for €50
65 tickets to Twister for €50
7-103 Twister tickets for €50
11-254 Twister tickets for €20
26-503 Twister tickets for €20
51-1005 tickets to Twister for €10
101-1503 Twister tickets for €20
151-2504 Twister tickets for €5

The race runs from Monday, 03:00 Moscow time to 02:59 the next Monday. Prizes are paid out within 24 hours after the end of the race.

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OSS Cub3d Encore at PokerKing extended until September 26

The OSS Cub3D festival just got bigger! The series has been extended until September 26, and the prize pool has grown to $20,000,000. Buy ins start from $11, and tournaments will be held in three categories of buy-ins: Low, Medium and High.

Two Main Events have been announced, each with a $1,000,000 prize: $630 (September 18) and $2,650 (September 25). So far, the schedule for the first week of the series (September 4-12) has been published. What to look out for:

Days 1A and 1B of the $630 Main Event will take place on September 10 and 11 at 10:05 pm CET. And then the starting days in Multiflight – Encore #172 with a $2,000,000 guarantee will start: September 12 at 0:05 and 3:05 (The flights will run several times a day). Buy-in – $630.

On the first Sunday of the series (September 4), two major tournaments are scheduled at once: the Sunday High Roller for $630 ($750,000 Gtd, 19:05) and the Sunday Special for $215 ($300,000 Gtd, 21:05).

The highest buy in tournament of the week starts on September 6 at 20:30 – Encore #11 with $2,650 buy-in and $400,000 guarantee. Day 2 will be the next day at 20:15.

New Venom Tournament Dates Announced

The $2,650 buy-in flagship The Venom PKO returns to PokerKing from October 20 to November 2, this time with a $5,000,000 prize pool.

There will be four entrance days, the remaining players will move on to the second day (it will last about 11 hours), the third will take place until the final table participants are determined (Moscow time):

– Day 1A: October 20, 8:05 pm
– Day 1B: October 23, 8:05 pm
– Day 1C: October 27, 8:05 pm
– Day 1D: October 30, 8:05 pm
– Day 2: October 31, 8:05 pm
– Day 3: November 1, 20:05
– Final table: November 2, 0:05


You can qualify for the tournament through several types of satellites:

– Venom Fever Mega Satellites: Tournaments where multiple tickets to The Venom will be up for grabs as a prize pool.

– Venom Blitz Steps: an unusual format of multi-stage satellites that are played in a fast-paced poker format: without blinds rising, but with tournament chips and a table change when cards are folded. A ticket to the next level is issued upon reaching a stack of 5,000 chips. There are 9 stages in total, the most affordable one costs $0.11 (a ticket can be won in round-the-clock freerolls).

– On Demand Steps: classic qualifiers, where winning one satellite gives you a ticket to a more expensive satellite. Available in Sit&Go and MTT formats, buy-ins from $0.11 to $880. There are 9 steps in total, you can start with any of them (you can win a ticket to the first one for $0.11 in the freeroll).

– On Demand Skips: satellites similar to Steps but with 4 steps. Participation will cost from $0.25 to $95.

Cash players who win a seat in the weekly The Beast rake race can receive tickets to the Beast & SnC – VENOM Fever MEGA satellites (20 tickets to The Venom are up for grabs each).

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Championship Online Poker Series with $2,300,000 Guaranteed

From September 18 to October 3, TigerGaming will host a new stage of the network's flagship series – the Championship Online Poker Series. The schedule includes 145 Hold'em and Omaha tournaments from $11 to $320 in a variety of formats, with a total prize pool of over $2,300,000.

The $109 buy in $300,000 Guaranteed Main Event starts on October 2nd at 10:00 AM PDT. In parallel, its mini-version will be held with a buy in of $22 ($50,000 guaranteed). You can win tickets in numerous satellites from as little as $1.

Every day during the series there will be a freeroll in the format of an automatic all-in with a guarantee of $1,000. Tickets will be received by participants of the previous gaming day, the starting stack depends on the number of tournaments played the day before.

Full schedule.

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Millions Online with over $7,000,000 Guaranteed

The Millions Online flagship festival returns to partypoker from September 1st to 27th. This time there are only 15 multi-day hold'em tournaments with buy-ins starting at $109. The most expensive will be the main tournament for $3,200 with a guarantee of $2,000,000: you can enter the game on any of Day 1. The final day will begin on September 27 at 22:05 Moscow time.

A mini-version of the Main Event has also been announced, which will take place on the same dates: the buy-in will be $320 and the prize pool will be $500,000.

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Mobile Application News

Every month, new clubs appear in the GT+ selection, and the end of August was no exception. We tell you what to pay attention to.

1. The ClubGG application from the creators of PokerOK is actively being developed.Worth a try, even if you don't like to play on apps: the desktop version is fast and more convenient for beginners due to the classic horizontal layout of the tables. Clubs:

King deuce – from the American group UPROAR with active games at NL20-NL400 and sometmes games up to PLO200. Most opponents appear online at night and in the morning in Moscow. Rakeback: 35% 1 Chip=0.95 USD

SharksClub from the Israeli group of the same name hosts classic Omaha up to PL200. Rakeback: 40% 1 Chip=0.2753 USD (0.9 ILS)

A small Israeli club called SuperMario runs NL/PL300-900 hold'em and five-card Omaha games. Peak traffic in the evening in Moscow. Rakeback: 45%, 1 Chip=0.9 USD

2. New clubs have appeared with high stakes five-card Omaha (PL2000 and higher). Contact GT+ for details .

3. New Russian Club, Millionaires Club. The game runs in the evening in Moscow. NL30-900 in Hold'em, five-card Omaha PL30-300. Rakeback: 30%, 1 Chip=1.5625 USD (100 RUB)

4. If you have never played any apps, GT+ has prepared short video tutorials that explain the registration process.

Similar instructions are available for PPPoker, Suprema Poker, and UPoker.

For all active GT+ players, data on opponents for all Hold'em and Omaha limits is available in the apps. At the same time, we remind you that if you play a lot, you can count on additional bonuses from GT + as part of the Ladder promotion, which has been extended until October 2nd. It gives up to +5% additional rakeback depending on the rake per month:

$1,000 per month – +3% rakeback

$2,000 per month – +4% rakeback

$3,000 per month – +5% rakeback

Free software and other bonuses for active GT+ players

The bonuses don't end with the increased rakeback: our players can buy everything in the GT store with a 10% discount, and even get some items for free.

If you play poker rooms

– Free software: 888Caption/partyCaption, iPokerTools

– Convenient layouts for multi-tabling, developed according to the comments of professional players

– Up-to-date traffic information + detailed player data on 888/iPoker/Chico + preferential terms for GGPoker data

– Preferential exchange rates and assistance with deposits/cashouts on WPN/Redstar/GGPoker

If you play apps

– Free Hand2Note asia or Kingshands converter for $1,500 rake per month, Hand2Note Pro for $2,000 rake per month

– 20% discount on monthly Poker Minion subscription for PB/Pokerrrr2

– The best clubs for your game schedule

– Up-to-date data on traffic in cash and Omaha + information on players

– Full money guarantee

– Timely rakeback payments (weekly upon request)

– Help with deposits and withdrawals: convenient and profitable methods

– A nice bonus – we love to give gifts for birthdays and New Year! And not just for the holidays.

If you have any questions, write the word "Soft" in telegram , Skype , Viber or Discord of the GT + support service, specialists are online daily from 7 to 23 hours.