Bounty Jackpot Reform, $1,000,000 Flip&Go and More November Updates.

In the new month, GGPoker has prepared several new promotions and changes in the client at once:

Bet & Tournament. Unusual tournaments taking place during the matches of the World Cup (November 20 – December 18). You can choose one of two teams and get a discount on the buy-in (the discount depends on the odds of the bookmakers). For example, during the match between Germany and Brazil, a $50 tournament can be played for $43 betting on Germany, and for $37 betting on Brazil. If your team wins or draws, you continue to participate in the tournament. If you lose, you're out immediately.

Flip and Go for $1,000,000 . The largest tournament in this format in the history of online. Buy-in – $11. The qualifying stages (where everyone is all-in) will run from November 1, the final day (where everyone is in ITM) – November 11.

What has changed in the client:

New visual effects. Now, when you hit a set on the turn or get a good starting hand, you can enjoy the corresponding animation and sound.

Bet Muck. On the river, the option "bet and muck if called" has appeared. Can be used for bluff bets – if the opponent calls, he will not see your cards.

Bounty Jackpot Reform. The commission for the bounty jackpot was previously taken from knockouts, but players did not appreciate this idea. The rules have changed: now the commission is deducted from buy-ins. For example, in a $20 tournament it is $0.60, in a $200 MTT it is $6.

Red Star Poker

Updated replayer, tags in the lobby and automatic hand exporting.

Representatives of the room on the forum spoke in detail about the innovations added at the end of October. Let's recap the main points:

  • The replayer now remembers in what size and in what part of the screen the window was opened last time, and by pressing the button in the upper right corner, you can return to the default size.
  • In the list of players in the tournament lobby, colored labels are displayed:
  • The functionality has been updated for flight tournaments, where stacks based on the results of several entries in the first day are combined into one (Stack Builder) and for tournaments where the largest stack is used (Best Stack Folder).
  • We launched high stakes cash tables at limits of €10/€20, €25/€50.
  • Export of hand histories in XML format for cash games or tournaments has become available. To activate, go to the "My Account" page > the "History" section and select either the "Cash" tab or the "Tournaments" tab. Then specify the period for hand history export and click on the "Request hand history" button.
You can download the report in the History Exports tab.

The minimum system requirements for the mobile app have also been updated: now you need a phone with Android 6.0 (API level 23).

Bounty Hunter Series guaranteed €2,500,000

Until November 9, the Bounty Hunter series continues on RedStar with a guarantee of €2,500,000. Main Event is represented by several versions:

  • BHS #262 €30K Micro Main for €7.5
  • BHS #263 €100K Mini Main for €30
  • BHS #264 €200K Main Event for €150

All tournaments are multi-day: you can join the game from the first day of the series, and the finals will take place on November 7 at 18:30 GMT.

Completing daily missions gives tickets to freerolls and main tournaments of the series.

MissionMission DescriptionPrizeCredit period
SatellitePlay 5 satellites to series tournamentsticket €1,000 BHS Mission #1 FreerollOctober 23 (3:00) – November 8 (21:30)
Revenue LowEarn 2,000 bonus points (status points)ticket €30 BHS 263 Main EventOctober 23 (3:00) – November 8 (20:00)
Revenue HighEarn 7,000 bonus points (status points)ticket €150 BHS 264 Main EventOctober 23 (3:00) – November 9 (1:00)
Knock OutEliminate 5 players in "BHS#" tournamentsticket €1,000 BHS Mission #2 FreerollOctober 23 (3:00) – November 9 (1:00)
Knockout BeastEliminate 20 players in "BHS#" tournaments€2,000 BHS KO Beast Freeroll ticketOctober 23 (3:00) – November 9 (1:00)
Tiered EventsPlay any 5 "BHS" Tiered tournaments€1,000 BHS Mission #3 Freeroll ticketOctober 23 (3:00) – November 8 (21:00)

Freerolls will be held on November 9 at 18:00, 18:10, 18:20 and 18:30 GMT (registration is available 72 hours before the start). Each mission can only be completed once. Confirm participation in the Missions section of the poker client.

Daily leaderboards. During the series, you can earn points on the leaderboards, divided by buy-ins:

  • BHS Low: from €3 to €15
  • BHS Medium: from €20 to €50
  • BHS High: from €70 to €1,000
  • BHS Flighted KO: buy-ins from €7.50 (only Flighted KO Events count)

One point is awarded for each knockout on the leaderboard.

Daily leaderboards: the scoring period lasts from 0:00 to 23:59 the next day GMT. Prizes are paid out in tickets to series tournaments worth up to €150.

€50,000 Gtd Bigger Weekly Tournament

The weekly tournament at RedStar Poker in November will feature an updated format with progressive knockouts and a €50,000 guarantee. Buy-in – €30. It will be possible to qualify for the final throughout the week in many first flights. The surviving players will meet in the finals on Sunday, November 13 at 8:30pm GMT and will play until a winner is determined.

Tickets won in satellites during the promotion can be used in Bigger Weekly tournaments, after November 13 – in any tournaments for €30. Tickets are valid for 2 months.

If you actively play on RedStar, we recommend that you turn to GT+ : our players have access to preferential conditions for deposits and cashouts, reloads, iPokerTools as a gift and regular traffic measurements.


Up to $700 in bonuses and reloads for players who have moved from Russia

If you have moved to a country where partypoker is officially active (such as Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan), you will be able to create a new account and take part in an exclusive GipsyTeam promotion. How it works:

You register a new account using the link below and link it to GipsyTeam. To do this, after registration, you will need to enter a login in the room on the partypoker page or contact support.

For playing in the first week after registration, you can win a cash bonus. They are of three types, depending on the limits:

  • Low : cash games up to NL25, tournaments with buy-ins up to $5 inclusive. After wagering $100 of rake, you will receive a bonus of $25.
  • Medium : NL50-NL100 cash and tournaments with buy-ins from $5.5 to $50 inclusive. For the first $500 of rake, you will receive $125.
  • High : NL200 cash and above, tournaments with buy-ins above $50. For the first $1,200 of rake, you will receive $300.

The maximum you can get is one bonus in each limit group (i.e. play different limits and get both Low, Medium and High bonuses, up to $450).

All players who have fulfilled the conditions of the promotion will receive an additional 10% rakeback reload bonus of the same size: $25, $125 or $300. 30 days are given for wagering, the payment is made in steps of 10%: for example, after earning $25 in rake, $2.5 will be automatically credited to your account, and so on until the payment of all $25. Also, the participants of the promotion, who will be able to complete the task, will take part in the freeroll for $1,000.


WCOOP Take 2 $28,000,000 Guaranteed

In early October, several WCOOP events were canceled due to technical issues. Players have received compensation, but the tournaments themselves will still take place: PokerStars has announced a new stage called WCOOP Take 2 with a prize pool of $28,000,000 and increased guarantees in rescheduled tournaments.

The series will take place from 5 to 9 November.

The schedule includes 66 tournaments from $5.5 to $10,300 in three buy-in categories: Low, Medium and High. Traditionally for the WCOOP, the choice is large: hold'em, Omaha varieties, 8 games and HORSE

November 6 at 19:30 Moscow time the main tournaments start:

  • WCOOP $109 NLHE Main Event Low $3,000,000 Gtd (increased by $500,000)
  • WCOOP $1,050 NLHE Main Event $5,000,000 Gtd (+$1,000,000)
  • WCOOP $10,300 NLHE Main Event High $7,000,000 Guaranteed (+$1,000,000)


A mobile application is being prepared for launch, five-card Omaha is on the way

The vast majority of poker rooms have mobile applications, but at PokerKing, playing from a smartphone is possible only through a browser in a limited number of disciplines: only spins and fast poker.

Soon the situation should change: the developers have announced a full-fledged mobile application, where hold'em cash tables will work. True, the capabilities of other rooms are still far away: judging by the description, in the first version of the application it will be possible to create an account, log in, go to the cashier, change settings, contact support and play only one table. The expected launch date is November 9th.

It is reported that there are plans to add tables with Omaha (including five-card) to the mobile application, and in the new year there will be multi-tabling, tournaments and SnG.

The PKOSS $10,000,000 Guaranteed Series

Until November 14, PokerKing hosts The PKOSS tournament series with a prize pool of $10,000,000.

There are two main tournaments on the schedule:

  • Main Event #1 for $630 $1,000,000 Guaranteed
  • $109 Main Event #2 $500,000

Both have start days on November 6th and 13th, with the next stage taking place on November 14th.

Big prizes will be up for grabs in three multi-day tournaments with different buy-in levels:

  • Multi-Flight #1 ($215, $1,000,000 GTD)
  • Multi-Flight #2 ($55, $250,000 GTD)
  • Multi-Flight #3 ($1.4, $25,000 GTD)

Schedule 1 week

DayStart time, GMTTournament nameBuy-inRake
Wednesday, November 221:30PKOSS #14 – $25,000 GTD$30$3
21:30PKOSS #15 – $2,500 GTD$3$0.30
02:06PKOSS #16H – $20,000 GTD$200$15
02:06PKOSS #16M – $15,000 GTD$20$2
02:06PKOSS #16L – $5,000 GTD$5$0.25
17:30PKOSS #17H – $100,000 GTD$200$15
17:30PKOSS #17M – $20,000 GTD$20$2
17:30PKOSS #17L – $7,500 GTD$5$0.50
Thursday, November 321:30PKOSS #18H – $20,000 GTD PLO 6-Max$200$15
21:30PKOSS #18M – $10,000 GTD PLO 6-Max$80$8
21:30PKOSS #18L – $5,000 GTD PLO 6-Max$15$1.50
22:30PKOSS #19 – $30,000 GTD$100$9
01:15PKOSS #20 – $7,500 GTD Hyper PLO$30$1.50
02:05PKOSS #21 – $25,000 GTD$200$15
17:05PKOSS #22H – $150,000 GTD$1,000$50
17:05PKOSS #22M – $100,000 GTD$200$15
17:05PKOSS #22L – $40,000 GTD$40$4
Friday, November 422:05PKOSS #23 – $50,000 GTD$600$30
22:30PKOSS #24 – $50,000 GTD$100$9
23:15PKOSS #25 – $15,000 GTD$15$1.50
19:05PKOSS #26 – $17,500 GTD$10$1
Saturday, November 521:05PKOSS #27 – $50,000 GTD$100$9
21:10PKOSS #28 – $30,000 GTD$50$5
21:15PKOSS #29 – $20,000 GTD$25$2.50
17:05PKOSS #30H – $60,000 GTD$200$15
17:05PKOSS #30M – $50,000 GTD$100$9
17:05PKOSS #30L – $40,000 GTD$30$3
Sunday, November 621:05PKOSS #31 – $20,000 GTD$100$9
21:15PKOSS #32 – $17,500 GTD$15$1.50


KO Games Tournament Series with $2.2M Gtd

From November 6th to 22nd, 888poker will host the KO Games series. The emphasis is on tournaments in the Mystery Bounty format, where random knockouts up to the jackpot appear on the second days. There will also be classic knockout tournaments and PKOs. Buy-ins range from $5.50 to $2,100 in the Super High Roller.

4 biggest tournaments:

  • November 6th. Mystery Bounty for $109, $120,000 guaranteed
  • November 13th. Mystery Bounty for $215 ($150,000 guaranteed)
  • The first days of the Mystery Bounty Main Event for $250 ($500,000 guarantee) will begin on November 16th.
  • November 20th. Super High Roller PKO for $2,100 ($100,000 guaranteed)

You can qualify for tournaments through satellites, the richest draw is for the Main Event. Buy-ins start from 1 cent, and everyone who has made a deposit at least once will be able to play in daily freerolls and compete for free $250 trips. You can also win a ticket to the main in the Winner Spinner wheel of fortune and at the cash tables as part of the Gift Drop promotion.

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Cash players can always turn to GT+ for a free consultation and get up-to-date data on the number of games in different rooms and limits from NL2 to NL5,000. There you can also get a convenient universal layout in a concise design for multi-tabling, which works with most rooms for free.

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