There are many players who have learned the basics of the game, but can’t quite seem to take that next step towards massive consistent success at the tables. Like many career paths, oftentimes the best way to improve, or work your way up in that field, is to invest in tools to make strides and steps towards bigger success. For poker, many have turned to CardRunners EV, a poker odds calculator app that specializes in breaking down EV percentages in various spots in order to further educate players, improve their games, and pad their wallets.

When you download CardRunners EV, you get a tool that will be great for players who are looking to improve their results, increase their volume, and potentially turn from a talented amateur to a seasoned professional. The app offers advanced No-Limit Hold'em analysis that will help you dive deeper when you review your own play. The software will help you identify mistakes, point out areas where you need to go for more value, and also help define hand ranges for certain flops, turns, and rivers. These little improvements over time will help make huge strides in your game.

In regards to what CardRunners EV offers, a number of the tools can be seen below.

  • EV Calculations with decision trees
  • Equilibrium/GTO Solver
  • Popups for more details
  • Dynamic popups
  • Analysis tool

CardRunnersEV's GTO solver is great for improving your preflop play, as well as post-flop. It can be applied to both online tournaments and cash games, so it is a useful tool regardless of which one you specialize in. The app’s algorithm is one of the best and fastest in the business, taking mere seconds for preflop analysis, and just minutes for post-flop situations.

The cost to download one CardRunners EV license is $75, a hefty price up front, but one that pays for a lifetime of use. That license can be used by one user, on one computer device. A second license that can then be used on a second device would cost just $40, so if someone wants to have access to the software on more than one computer, buying in bulk would be recommended. While it is not free, there are levels of calculations and features of the app that make it well worth the buy over other poker odds apps.

The software can be bought directly through the GipsyTeam website, and as soon as you download it, you can head on over to your favorite poker website, perhaps partypoker, to start getting used to the tools provided.

Partypoker is a great option for players who want a quality site they can trust. The site has gone to lengths to protect players by banning HUD software and allowing players to maintain anonymity at the tables. This shouldn’t put off grinders however, as Partypoker’s tournament value and unmatched rakeback offers of up to 60% are not to be missed by any serious online player.

To buy a license key for CardRunners EV, you will need a unique code called "Hardware ID". For this, you need to download and install the software on your computer. Click the "Register" button after you launch the app, and follow the further instructions that appear on the screen.

After reinstalling Windows, the computer will change the "Hardware ID" value, and you will have to enter it again. You can get the code in the same way as during registration, and you will enter it on a separate page of the official CardRunners EV website. In addition to the "Hardware ID", you will also need to specify the email address to which the program was registered.

From there, here is what those using CardRunners EV will do on their computer.

Hover your mouse over a number to bring up a pop-up window with detailed calculations related to the results. Each hand value is then shown, and the situation can be updated through a pop-up window with tips for a wider range of additional changes and alternatives.

CardRunners EV builds charts with two value options. Depending on which you prefer, you can convert EV to Bet Size.

The decision “tree” consists of many different options that bring together a full result based on certain actions.

Poker is a game of reacting to your opponents. And CardRunners EV can also help create tactics to help exploit your opponent's play. It is also useful for poker players who don’t have the strongest laptop. It works on virtually any computing software and is a useful tool to implement when you are grinding long sessions online. Specifically, tt can also be used on GGPoker, where many WSOP bracelets have been handed out before.

888poker is one of the oldest rooms of modern online poker, founded in 2002. Known for regular freerolls, a large selection of mid-low stakes games and it's SuperStorm and XL tournament series.

Another major purpose of CardRunners EV is for hand analysis through a mathematical lens. With the software, you can evaluate EV in different preflop and post-flop situations and breaks down the potential of each possible action. By learning the percentages, and narrowing ranges in certain spots, it will help players develop a consistent tree of action that players can be using at any poker table they play at.

The interface is user-friendly and intuitive, so even beginners will find it easy to get started with the software. Percentages and calculations are the crux of the app. You can get EV values for all of the actions on each street, post-flop, turn, and river. The app also offers various tips and hints in addition to the calculations to help speed up the learning curve.

Ultimately, CardRunners EV seems to be worth the price of admission and is a useful tool for the type of player who is looking to take the next step in their mathematical breakdowns of hands to make small improvements that could prove to provide massive gains. The app is above any similar poker calculator tools that are cheaper or even free, and should prove useful for certain players who are looking to make strides towards being a better professional poker player. We hope you enjoyed our review of CardRunners EV. Be on the lookout for more reviews of other popular poker apps and websites.