Poker Copilot is a leading heads-up display (HUD) for online poker sites. A HUD is the kind of poker tool that you only need to use for a few minutes to see the value. Information about how often your opponents do each action, in each position, can be very profitable to know.

When an opponent raises, you’ll be able to see how often. You can see statistics showing how often they take each action, like continuation betting on the flop, folding to raises, 3-betting preflop, and your history against specific opponents.

This tool is for any poker player that wants to know how their opponents play and exploit their tendencies.

PokerCopilot HUD on a PokerStars Spin & Go

It can run on Mac OS or Windows computers and easily integrate with your chosen online poker site.

Here’s our Poker Copilot review, where we’ve highlighted all of the main functions. We’ll also show you how to start the 30-day free trial so you can give the HUD a test drive.

Poker Copilot supplements your awareness and memory by showing information at the table that you might miss, forget, or not know.

The Poker Copilot company popped up in 2008 and they’ve been updating their software steadily ever since. The latest update was for Poker Copilot 7, which was optimized for more poker sites and added more features.

The most important features that Copilot 7 debuted with were the real-time Leak Calculator, Multi-database capability, real-time log console, plus new statistics and game types.

We’re going to summarize the most important features:

Yes, those are pilot glasses

The Heads-Up Display

The developers have listened to feedback over the years and constantly add statistics to the HUD that players request. Some important stats and functions that players voted for were added to Poker Copilot 7, such as:

  • Called 3-bet stats
  • Limp stats (calling preflop instead of raising)
  • Limp/fold stats
  • A matrix for viewing hands played
  • Custom hand-type filters to find stats based on specific cards
  • Custom themes for the hand replayer

Some of the statistics you can see in real-time:

  • VPIP – Voluntarily Put (money) in Pot
  • PFR – Preflop Raise
  • AF – Aggression Factor
  • FCB – Flop Continuation Bet
  • TCB – Turn Continuation Bet
  • ATS – Attempt to Steal
  • 3Bet% – How often a 3-bet is made
  • Fold to 3Bet% – How often an opponent folds to 3-bet

Anytime you want to see more stats, you can click on a player’s HUD and see an expanded view.

You’re also able to adjust what information the HUD shows you.

Poker Copilot can get as detailed as you want it to be

There are a lot of the stats and premade HUD setups that you can use to arrange this information.

It’s best to start with a basic HUD setup that only shows a few rows of information. Once you get more familiar with the statistics and what they mean, it’s time to show more data with the HUD.

When you start using a heads-up display and approach the game more seriously, you should be playing on a poker site that rewards regulars.

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Partypoker is a great option for players who want a quality site they can trust. The site has gone to lengths to protect players by banning HUD software and allowing players to maintain anonymity at the tables. This shouldn’t put off grinders however, as Partypoker’s tournament value and unmatched rakeback offers of up to 60% are not to be missed by any serious online player.

Leak Detection in Real Time and Post-Session

This feature came with Poker Copilot 7 and it’s probably saved online players lots of profit since then. Being able to see your weak spots for post-session studying has always been useful, but Poker Copilot gives you that information at the table, in real time.

It’s very clearly laid out, descriptive, and actionable information. Poker Copilot gives you easy-to-follow instructions on your problematic areas.

Leak Detection covers 5 main areas

You can examine key areas of your play style, such as preflop aggression, positional awareness, how you play pocket pair hands or suited connectors, plus your tendency to steal.

If you monitor the Leak Detector, you’ll be able to make positive adjustments quickly.

Какой вид покера предпочитаешь?

Poker Copilot 7 is Fully Compatible with PokerStars

Since 2008, Poker Copilot has worked with PokerStars and they’re on the list of officially approved software. You can use their HUD without restrictions for Stars tournaments, cash games, SNGs, and most-recently, Zoom fast-folding games.

The HUD seamlessly integrates with the PokerStars client, but you’ll get benefits off the tables too. You can track your bankroll for cash games and tournaments, something that even Stars can’t show you without a calculator and some painstaking research.

Join the thousands of other players already using Poker Copilot for PokerStars.

PokerStars starting out holding online poker games back in 2001 and now the company is worth over 6 billion dollars. They sponsor a slew of tournaments like the European Poker Tour, UK and Ireland Poker Tour, plus a handful of others. Over the years, PokerStars has remained on top of the online poker industry. They’ve expanded to offer fantastic online casino games and sports betting.

Hand Replayer and Session Overview Tool

The Hand Replayer is perfect for going back to specific hands for review. You can even see the probability of winning in the lower right corner as you move backward and forward through the betting rounds.

The Hand Replayer is a useful studying tool

If you know any poker pros, or you just want to share your hand with friends, you can export it in video form.

The Session Overview gives a generalized look at some stats, such as hands played, time played, hands played per hour, plus your total or hourly profit.

You can also create several custom charts to track winnings in cash games or MTTs. Select which parameters to track and Poker Copilot will quickly generate a colored graph.

Graphs can show two metrics

After you download the app, you will automatically start the 30-day free trial.

If you want to buy Poker Copilot 7, just visit the developer after the trial ends.

The price for a license is $99, but if you upgrade from Copilot 6, you can buy it for just $39.

Many poker players use Hand2Note instead of Poker Copilot and find that it’s a more advanced and helpful product.

Some players think H2N is the most comprehensive HUD

Hand2Note has more functionality and you’ll find it more useful for studying than Poker Copilot. It offers two different styles of HUD; one is Positional and shows information relevant to your current table position, while the other is Dynamic and adjusts based on the actions of the hand.

The program also differentiates spots against regular players and fish, since the weight of the information changes in these situations.

H2N also has a tool called Range Research, which lets you study players’ ranges even when you don’t have enough data. It’s one of the features that makes Hand2Note worth buying.

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