Having an edge over your opponents is crucial in poker, where every card, bet, and bluff counts. The concept of a HUD comes into play here. What is a HUD in poker? A Heads-Up Display (HUD) in poker is a digital tool used by online poker players to display real-time statistics and information about their opponents at the poker table. It provides crucial data like playing styles, betting patterns, and historical actions, helping players make informed decisions during the game.

HUDs collect and analyze information from your poker sessions, typically saved in hand history files. These files include complete details on each hand you've played, like your hole cards, community cards, bets placed, and the actions of your opponents. The HUD software then processes this data to provide on-screen displays that assist you in making the best decisions during a hand.

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You will immediately notice the difference a HUD can make at every street of each hand.


There are numerous statistics to analyze in preflop poker, but none are more crucial than VPIP and PFR. These two metrics are a must-have for any poker player's Heads-Up Display (HUD) software since they thoroughly showcase your opponent's playing style, indicating whether they favor tight or loose play and if their strategy is more passive or aggressive. All additional preflop data may be considered extensions of these critical data, concentrating on specific scenarios like 3-bets, 4-bets, or steal attempts to help you identify possible imbalances in your rivals' play.

Example of stats in Hand2Note
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VPIP (Voluntary Put In Preflop)

The VPIP, or "Voluntarily Put In Preflop," statistic in poker is a numerical representation of how frequently your opponent willingly enters the pot by either calling or raising before the flop, excluding blind bets. It offers valuable insights into an opponent's playing style, with a higher VPIP indicating a greater willingness to play a wide range of hands.

PFR (Pre Flop Raise)

PFR, or "Preflop Raise," exclusively tracks how often an opponent chooses to raise before the flop. It encompasses various preflop-raising moves like open raises, 3-bets, 4-bets, and 5-bets while ignoring passive actions like calls and limps.

An example of one of the classic HUDs

ST (Steal)

This statistic serves as a tool to identify players who overuse or underutilize stealing opportunities. When you encounter someone who steals excessively, you can adjust your strategy by increasing your frequency of 3betting to "re-steal" from them. Conversely, if you notice players who rarely attempt steals, it signals that you should adopt a more cautious approach against them, as they likely have a narrower range than usual.

Extended preflop statistics in Hand2Note


The postflop section of poker, which comprises of the flop, turn, and river, offers extensive information for your online poker HUD. Understanding that these statistics' accuracy depends on the sample size is critical. Considering the frequency of seeing the flop vs. the river, it's best to prioritize gathering more flop-related information unless you're playing in a small player pool where you may amass a significant hand history on your opponents.

BB/100 (Big Blind Won per 100 hands)

This statistic, BB/100 or Big Blind Won per 100 hands, offers a glimpse into an opponent's performance, measuring their success in big blinds for 100 hands. For instance, if an opponent profits by 100 big blinds over 1000 hands, their BB/100 would be 10bb/100.

Using poker Heads-Up Displays (HUDs) on popular sites like PokerStars, AmericasCardroom, and 888 Poker can be a game-changer. HUDs provide real-time statistics, enhancing your decision-making abilities at the virtual poker table. It gives you an edge by displaying opponents' tendencies, helping you make informed moves, and improving your poker experience.

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Example of displayed stats in Holdem Manager 3 replayer

CBET (Continuation Bet)

The term 'c-bet' stands for continuation bet, when the original preflop raiser bets on the flop. Your opponent's c-bet percentage tells you how often they make these continuation bets.

PlayerVPIP (%)PFR (%)3-Bet (%)AggressionFold to C-Bet (%)
Player 1221853.040
Player 23228102.525
Player 3151023.860
Player 4282262.245
Player 5191432.930

Sample Poker HUD Table

Using a Heads-Up Display (HUD) in poker offers several advantages that can significantly enhance your gameplay. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Instant Player Information: Your opponents' playing style, tendencies, and prior actions, among other information, are all readily available in real-time, thanks to a HUD. Rather than spending time manually taking notes and analyzing the data, you can proceed swiftly toward making well-informed conclusions.
  • Enhanced Decision-Making: With valuable insights, you can make more accurate decisions during each hand. Knowing your opponents' tendencies helps you adapt your strategy, whether folding, calling, or raising.
  • Reduced Human Error: Human memory is fallible, and it's easy to forget details about your opponents' behavior. A HUD eliminates this problem by consistently tracking and displaying relevant information.
  • Multi-Table Efficiency: A HUD becomes indispensable if you play multiple tables simultaneously. It provides crucial insights at a glance, allowing you to manage various games more effectively.
  • Adaptability: Poker is a dynamic game, and opponents can change their strategies. A HUD allows you to adapt quickly to evolving player behaviors, giving you an edge in adjusting your approach.
  • Competitive Edge: In today's poker landscape, many players use HUDs. Using one yourself levels the playing field and ensures you're not disadvantaged against opponents who employ similar tools.
VPIP22.5%Moderately tight player
PFR17.8%Selectively aggressive pre-flop
AF2.4Mildly aggressive post-flop
3-Bet5.2%Rarely re-raises aggressively
C-Bet62.1%C-Bets frequently
Fold to C-Bet45%Mostly folds to C-Bets
WTSD28.7%Goes to showdown relatively
W$WSF55.5%Wins money after seeing the flop
Steal18.9%Occasionally attempts steals
Fold to Steal68.3%Folds to steal attempts mostly

Different Interpretations for various HUD stats

  • Compatibility: Make sure the HUD you choose is compatible with the poker site of your choice. Compatibility is crucial since certain HUDs perform better on specific platforms.
  • Features: Think about the most critical aspects of your playing style. Real-time data on opponents, hand history tracking, and customizable displays are common HUD elements. Select a HUD that gives you access to the information and tools you need to make sound decisions.
  • Price and Licensing: Consider the cost of the HUD and any subscription or licensing fees. Some HUDs provide free, limited-feature versions, while others demand a one-time payment or subscription. Plenty of free options are available online to avoid spending cash on purchasing a HUD.
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The influence of HUDs on the global poker landscape is profound, affecting online play in various ways. The global poker community has embraced HUDs as an essential part of the modern player's toolkit, and their influence continues to shape gameplay strategies across the poker world.

Disclaimer: Heads-up displays (HUDs) in online poker may be subject to the rules and regulations of the poker platform you are playing on. Always ensure you comply with the terms of service of your platform.