After the controversies surrounding stables and teams, the largest poker network in the world launched an update. It's been creating a stir in the poker community, especially among players and team owners. From now on, anyone who plays for teams will be identified by a small badge on their nickname.

The new rules have been added to paragraph 21 of the GGPoker Security and Ecosystem Policy:

21. Backing Arrangements
21.1. Users participating in tournaments are required to disclose any private backing arrangements with third parties by using “Designate Backer” feature when buying into the tournament.

21.2. Failure to disclose these arrangements will be considered as intentional deception.

21.3. Backing may be prohibited depending on your territory.

21.4. GGPoker may request documentation and proof regarding any backing arrangement, which a User is obliged to provide.

21.5. Potential action for breaches: WARNING, SUSPENSION, PERMANENT BAN

Essentially, if you're backed while playing on GGPoker, you'll need to declare it. If you do, a badge will show that to other players. If you don't, GG could apply a range of punishments, the worst being a permanent ban.

This all began when the Russian wing of GG Network took a strong stance against organized backers and stables. Before long, the movement spread from PokerOK to GGPoker. For some reason, Natural8 hasn't updated its Security and Ecosystem policy as of early June 2024, lagging behind the other skins.

The CEO of PokerOK (GGNetwork's Russian skin) spent an entire night talking on a forum about the crusade against poker stables.


Important Points About the Changes

  • If I have received sponsorship or backing, is it mandatory to declare this?
    The GGPoker Security and Ecosystem policy now has a paragraph that says that players fully or partially funded in tournament buy-ins must use the Designate Backer feature to declare this before playing in the GGPoker client. If that sounds like your situation, you should declare it.
  • Can I configure more than one backer?
    You can set up as many backers as you need, depending on the terms of your contract with them. You can also set individual profit sharing, which can be different for each backer.
  • Can a backer be set as a "Designated Backer" by multiple players in the same event?
    Yes, this feature is intended to make these agreements transparent and prove that players with the same backers are playing fairly against each other and are not involved in “soft play” or collusion. This goes against Section 4.4 of the Security and Ecosystem policy on collusion, "intentionally playing hands in a non-aggressive manner against certain opponents (e.g., friend, backer, or any other persons of interest)."
  • How much of my tournament can I assign to a back?
    You can designate up to 100% of tournament profits to one backer. Values ​​are set in 1% increments.
  • My sponsor does not have a GGPoker account.
    For the Tournament Backer feature, Backers must have an account on the GGPoker Network. If your backer does not have an account, they must open one.
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  • I entered the wrong nickname when setting up my backing.
    When setting up your backers, the nicknames must match exactly. However, they do not need to be case sensitive, so for example "john" and "JOHN" would be the same thing. Take care when setting up your backing arrangements; they cannot be changed after the events begin. Before the event starts, you can cancel and set up the arrangement again if it is wrong.
  • I put the wrong percentage when setting up my backing.
    Take care when setting up your backing arrangements, as once events have started they cannot be changed. Before an event starts, you can cancel and set up the arrangement again if it is wrong.
  • What profits will be shared with my backer or backers?
    All prizes paid in cash, C$, or T$ (excluding bubble protection) will be shared with your sponsor(s). These include tournament prizes, rewards, mystery rewards, jackpot rewards, and mystery envelopes. All other non-cash prizes such as tickets, live event packages, and Fish Buffet rewards will be awarded 100% to the player.
  • Can anyone else see who my backers are?
    Other players will not see this information. However, it will be visible to you, your backer, and the GGPoker Game Integrity team.
  • Do backers receive a share of Bubble Protection?
    No, bubble protection has always been separate from Staking & Backing and will remain an exclusive reward for players.
  • Can backing be canceled after an event has started?
    Once an event has started, it is impossible to cancel any Staking or Backing agreement. They will be resolved automatically at the end of the event.
  • Can the backing be set up for any event?
    This feature is available for any tournament that shows the Staking/Backing option in the main lobby. We aren't sure when or if it will apply unilaterally.
  • Does Backing cover all my entries?
    Yes, once you have set up a Designated Backer, it will cover all tournament registrations.
  • Do I need to sell stakes to establish a backing contract?
    Staking and Backing are separate features in the GGPoker client. If you have designated one or more backers, you can still sell staking in the client for the remainder of the tournament buy-in, The Designated Backer cannot purchase stakes from you or other players at the event in this situation.
  • Can I buy staking if I have been designated as a Backer in a tournament?
    This is not possible to protect the integrity of the system. People can only be listed as "staker" or "backer". Being designated as a "backer" in a tournament will prevent you from purchasing stakes from any other player in that event.
  • Can backing be configured for cash games or other types of games?
    Only tournaments offer this feature, but GGPoker's intention is to offer the feature for other formats.
  • If a tournament is canceled, what will happen to the backing?
    If a tournament is canceled unexpectedly, all support will be resolved after GGPoker's tournament cancellation and refund policy has been used to calculate individual refunds for the affected event. This is identical to how staking is handled in canceled tournaments.

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