The London Triton Series kicked off with the $25,000 GG Million$ Live.

The tournament collected 162 entries (55 re-entries). There were 158 players in the Cyprus series in May.

The first places of "VBV1990" and Anatoliy Zlotnikov, another million for Mikita Bodyakovsky, three final tables for Artur Martirosian, and other details of the Triton series.


The winner was Greenwood's "unknown" twin brother Luke.

Unlike Sam Greenwood, who never misses Triton, Luke came for the first time since 2019, when the series was also held in London.

There were enough stars on the final table, but three-handed with Luke were debutants of the series – Manuel Zapf and Oliver Bithell. Zapf entered the series by winning a $100k package on ACR. Network owner Phil Nagy sends his streamers to every episode.

Americas Cardroom is a popular poker room with over twenty years of history. Since 2011, it has been part of the Winning network, known for its soft fields with americans and canadians.

In March, a similar package was won by Mark "Weazel_1991" Rubbatan, for whom the freeroll ended with even more resounding success.

Record pitches, Linus Leliger's outfits, Viacheslav Buldygin's final table, Jans Arends' debut, Nacho Barbero's forced grind, and other details of the Vietnamese stage.


This tournament is one of the few that are broadcast from the first day. Thanks to this, already at the first level, the audience saw a hand in which Henrik Hecklen mistakenly folded a full house.

The Dane 3-bet preflop and fired three barrels, but gave up after a raise from Seidel on the river.

This failure didn't stop Henrik from finishing the first day as a chip leader. At the end of the day, Niko Koop called him all-in with second pair, and saw that he had a set.

Henrik opened from early position, check-raised the flop, bet the turn, and shoved the river. Niko thought for five minutes, but could not throw it away.

In the middle of the day, one of the current online top regs, Roberto "DavyJones922" Gomez, brazenly tried to run over the no less legendary Iraj "bodamos" Parvizi.

The river was a five, which Iraj accepted with an ironic smile.

Bodamos results online

Leaders at the start of day 2:

The bubble came at the second level for Manuel Zapf, who knocked out Jonathan Jaffe ( > ). After this hand, the German streamer got the chipleading stack and stayed at the top of the chip counts until the very end. He entered the final table with a stack of 90BB, the closest player Luke Greenwood had 48.

At the final table, Manuel and Luke eliminated all opponents. The German dealt with Sam Grafton, Juan Pablo Brito, and Oliver Bithell. Luke eliminated Aleksejs Ponyakov, Henrik Hecklen and Kiat Lee.

Heads-up Zapf started with an advantage of 82 bigs to 53, but this time experience won out. Luke gradually stepped forward and held the lead.

The victory in the second tournament – 7-max for $25,000 – was played by the most unlucky players of recent years.

With 20 prize money, Dan Smith became the bubble boy. He started hand for hand with a one-blind stack, but with KTs he beat A3s. Dan had every chance to crawl into the money, but other short stacks were in no hurry to fly out. As a result, Dan could not resist with against .

Fedor Holz carried 65 blinds to the final table and was the only player with a stack above average, the rest of the players had from 7 to 30 blinds.

Another debutant of the series – Ukrainian Renat Bohdanov – finished in 6th place.

Danilo Velasevic had four blinds left at that moment and was eliminated next.

Fedor Holz led the entire final table, but doubled up Bruno Volkmann in the first hand of 4-max.

Holz bet all the streets with an all-in on the river.

In the final stage, the average stack did not exceed 20 blinds. In such depth, the ability to win all-ins came to the forefront. And in this component, Fedor has always been strong.

He didn't stay short for long and doubled twice against Chris Brewer ( > and > ).

Then, already in the top three, Fedor called Volkmann's push in the big blind.

At a depth of 25 blinds, the players decided not to find out who was stronger in heads-up and chopped by chips, leaving $40,000 and a trophy up for grabs.

Those bonuses went to Holz.

2022 WSOP Main Event Champion Epsen Jorstad took home another title in the $40,000 Mystery Bounty Event.

To fight for the title, it was enough to go on on the second day, and not in money.

This was broadcast live.

The organizers of the series added something new. This time they added a troll envelope. It was gold used for the increased bounties), but with an emoji instead of one of the numbers. The player who pulled it does not receive anything but draws an additional bounty. Chris Brewer was the lucky one.

From the second pull, he got the minimum prize. Right behind him came Johannes Straver, who took out $400,000 on the first try. And from 10 envelopes, he extracted $900k total.

Phil Ivey received exclusively white bounties in his envelopes (minimum $40k and $60k), although one of them was special: in addition to the money, Phil was presented with a trip on a yacht. Apparently, along the Thames, which Ivey, who grinds every day without a break, was insanely happy.

Christoph Vogelsang was forced by Ali Nejad to put on a hoodie and pull the hood tight to match the look at the table.

It did not help Christoph, all three of his bounties turned out to be white.

The $50,000 buy-in tournament with 35-minute levels collected 112 entries (39 re-entries). The winner was Ole Schemion. Surprisingly, this is also the first Triton series for him.

In London, Ole Shemion played all the tournaments and won his first trophy on the 4th attempt.

– In recent years, I have hardly played, it was just laziness, - Shemion honestly admitted after the victory. – I wanted to come to Vietnam or Cyprus this year, but I never got around to it.

Fedor Holz busted out two people before the money ( < Leon Sturm), but at the same time he became a bubble boy. During the hand-for-hand play, Wai Kin Yong and Sam Grafton busted out at the same time, splitting the min-cash.

Sam's departure turned out to be quite unpleasant, Erik Seidel had the kings.

16th place was taken by Linus Loeliger, who came to the series with a new collection of bright shirts.

Johannes Straver also busted in this hand. Linus with a stack of one blind bet all the chips preflop, before the river, they played a check-check, and on the last street, Straver bet and could not throw all-in to a check-raise.

12th was Mikita Badziakouski. He was the favorite for tripling, but Roberto Perez caught a nine.

Ole Schemion entered the final table as a chip leader and left no chance to anyone. He personally eliminated six opponents – Danny Tang, David Yan, Jamil "Jamil11" Vakil, Orpen Kisachikoglu, Roberto Perez, and Dao Ming Fu in heads-up.

Stylish Jamil11

In the $60,000 7-max tournament, participants made 104 entries (37 re-entries).

Jason Koon won his 8th Triton title.

“My answers are already becoming monotonous,” Jason admitted to Ali Nejad after the victory. – I keep playing because I love poker very much. I don’t grind the series as often as in my youth, but if I sit down, I act at the limit of concentration.

14th place was taken by Aleksey Boika, who made the second cash in the series.

The turn, which gave Koon almost half the deck for outs, was greeted by Alex with a sad smile. On the river came .

In 10th place, Phil Ivey took out Leon Sturm with 32o, who had aces.

In the top six, Dan Smith and Phil Ivey were up for the chip lead. Dan shoved and got snap called.

The flop came with a jack.

However, Smith failed to rise above fourth place.

Jason Koon quickly called a 3-bet all-in for 18 blinds.

Justin Saliba had five blinds left at the time and was soon eliminated in 3rd place.

Heads-up against Rodrigo Selouan, Koon started with the advantage of 53 blinds to 31 and calmly brought the tournament to victory.

By the last hand, the Brazilian was left without time bank cards and had to make all decisions in 30 seconds.

Koon bet all the streets with an all-in on the river and became the champion.

The $200,000 buy-in tournament clearly exceeded the organizers' expectations. The field had 81 entries (30 re-entries), due to which the second day had to be played for 14 hours.

The formal winner was David Yan, but Nacho Barbero earned the most in terms of money.

The players tried to chop even in the top four, but they were only able to agree after the departure of Timothy Adams.

On the bubble, Nacho Barbero folded, which impressed the commentators.

Sam defended the big blind, check-called the flop, and check-raised the turn.

Player stacks on the bubble:

Chip leader David Yan didn't push the bubble.

David defended the big blind preflop.

“This flop will probably help Brewer save some chips,” suggested Maria Ho. However, Ian surprised her and played a check-fold.

The bubble boy was Mikita Badziakouski, he shoved 20 blinds from the button, Espen Jorstad called on the SB.

The king came on the river.

Vogelsang went into the money with 3 blinds, Dvoress with 7, and they were eliminated in 12th and 11th places.

Stacks of finalists:

At the start of the final table, Chris Brewer found himself in a tough spot.

Chris raised and Espen called. Brewer check-called the flop and turn, and Jorstad shoved all-in on the river.

Chris threw all the time bank cards into the center at once:

What an insane hand. I flopped a flush. I don't seem to be beating any value hands, but I don't even know if I can fold. If I throw it away and I'm wrong, it will be the worst decision in my life, but ...

Chris listed aloud the possible combinations that he loses to, thought for a few more minutes, and still gave up.

– "With the nut flush, I'd call."

“ICM is for the poor,” commented Nacho Barbero.

“Maybe I just did one of the dumbest things of my career,” Chris continued to lament. – But if he was bluffing like that, for example, with trips, he still deserved to win this hand.

“Tell him what you had,” Maria Ho pleaded in the commentary booth, “I can’t watch him suffer.

Juan Pardo, who had the shortest stack, watched this hand with great interest. Soon he had two blinds left, and he had to shove with against Yan. He could not improve.

Chris Brewer doubled Timothy Adams ( < ) and was soon eliminated in 7th place.

Aleksejs Ponakovs busted in 6th.

Nacho Barbero had nine blinds left, but first, he doubled up against David Yan (QJs>98o) and then eliminated Danny Tang (AKs>A8o) and Timothy Adams.

Nacho shoved from the small blind and got snap called.

Three-handed, Nacho started with 55 blinds to Jan's 30 and Jorstad's 23, the players quickly chopped and left $100,000 in the hand.

Jorstad took 3rd place.

The heads-up lasted about an hour, the chip lead changed several times, but in the end, David Yan became the champion.

Yan has been doing well lately, in July he became the most successful player online, successfully playing cash games with Chinese high rollers.

In recent days, regulars and amateurs have been actively sorting things out at the $500/$1,000 tables, not only in Hold'em, but also in PLO.


The $250,000 Luxon Invitational kicks off today. In the morning, 93 people were registered, which is rather strange for a “doubles” tournament.

As a result, the tournament started with 91 entries. In the field is Ramin Khadzhiev, who won $4,000,000 last time he was at Triton.

The best career score for Ramin Khadzhiev, the scandalous final table of the main tournament, Jason Koon's tears, and other details of the two most expensive tournaments of the series.


We'll cover the details in the next review.