In September 2023, GreenLine launched the GreenLine Junior project, designed for low-stakes players. Coaches helped improve skills and gain distance to join the school's main roster for free and without contracts, and the result was not long in coming: more than 100 Junior players won a total of over $150,000 at micro-stakes and continued to grow further.

Junior members get three group training sessions per week, access to educational video courses from the school's coaches, and individual analysis of the database based on the results of 40,000 hands. Everything is free! Admission is still open, any winning NL2-NL5 player or NL10-50 reg with any result can apply. One condition: at least 40,000 hands must have been played in the last three months.

The success inspired GreenLine to launch a new direction – GREENLINE JUNIOR OMAHA, which will teach classic Omaha.

Why Play Omaha?

GreenLine analyzed the results of their players and was convinced of the truth of the stereotype: over the long term, Omash players earn 1.5-2 times more than their Hold'em colleagues at similar limits.

The reasons are obvious.

First, Omaha has a better ratio of amateurs to regulars: with four cards it is easier to make a strong combination, even with marginal hands, and when you put the cards in preflop, the equity of the hands is noticeably closer. More strong hands, more action – and therefore more fun for amateurs.

Secondly, amateurs have a higher loss rate. One opponent pouring -100 bb/100 is always better than two with -50 bb/100. And it is in Omaha that the first type of players are much more common.

Thirdly, there are significantly fewer strong Omaha regs. It is much more difficult to find quality PLO training material in the public domain, and the game itself can be considered more demanding in terms of skills. It is also worth considering the higher variance: downswings of 70 buy-ins are the norm.

If you are tired of two cards and want to change discipline (or just start earning more), join GreenLine Junior PLO!

What Are the Teaching Methods?

The PLO training program was developed by experienced coaches and players of medium and high limits: Denis Gragik, Konstantin Kosta_rus, Anatoly Aalternative, and Vasily Falco.

Kosta_rus, this year
Alternatively, this year

The course consists of two group training sessions per week, a series of assignments and tests, as well as individual lessons every 40 thousand hands. The material is truly unique: you won’t find such information on the Internet, and it is regularly updated.

Important: don't expect an easy walk, the course is intensive, and you won't be able to pass without dedication. Requirements for joining: at least 40,000 hands in plus on PLO2 (and higher) or NL10 (and higher). If you are ready, join the team:

>> Apply to GreenLine Junior PLO

Offer for MTT players

The innovations do not end with Omaha alone! GreenLine Junior opens a new direction for those who want to move from MTT to cash. The school's teachers have specially developed training blocks that significantly simplify and speed up the transition from one discipline to another.

It is easy to get into the course: you just need to play more than 500 tournaments at ABI $3 or higher (not necessarily in the plus!) over the last three months. The course is completely free, without contracts or any obligations on the part of the players: you can play in your favorite poker room and not share your profit with anyone.

>> Apply to GreenLine Junior

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