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If you try to win back at least some GTO spots, then you know that often the strategy offers different actions in the same situations. For example, you think that you will call in some spot 60% of the time and fold the rest. It is impossible to keep in mind what you did last time – this is where the randomizer comes to the rescue:

The design is intuitive: set the range and press the button. Can be opened from a phone or in a separate window

The page can be bookmarked in your browser or you can go through the "Pro-players" section in the top menu of the site. Along the way, you can find:

  • Deals in poker rooms. Bonuses for regulars: increased rakeback, deposits and cashouts without commission, referral program, paid software as a gift, and much more.
  • Freeroll schedule. Page with all free tournaments of all affiliates and rooms.
Register using this link to get access to GipsyTeam bonuses:
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114 more freerolls
Today 12:15 EST (GMT)
AIOF Step: 50x $100K Sunday Showdown Sat
  • Satellite to Mega 50x Seats Sunday Showdown
GT Bonuses
Today 12:15 EST (GMT)
AIOF Step: 50x $100K Sunday Showdown Sat
  • Satellite to Mega 50x Seats Sunday Showdown
GT Bonuses
Today 13:00 EST (GMT)
Freebuy NLHE Satellite
  • Satellite to Last Chance to ₮55.5 Daily Double
GT Bonuses
Today 13:00 EST (GMT)
Free To Play - Round The Clock - Poker Tournament - $100 USD GTD
  • Late check-in 60 minutes
GT Bonuses
Today 13:15 EST (GMT)
Freebuy NLHE Satellite
  • Satellite to BIG BANG
GT Bonuses
Today 13:30 EST (GMT)
Freebuy NLHE Satellite
  • Satellite to Last Chance to ₮100 Day Starter Max
GT Bonuses
Today 13:45 EST (GMT)
Freebuy NLHE Satellite
  • Satellite to Last Chance to ₮25 DayStarter Mid
GT Bonuses
Today 14:00 EST (GMT)
Freebuy NLHE Satellite
  • Satellite to Saturday Special PKO
GT Bonuses
Today 14:00 EST (GMT)
Free To Play - Round The Clock - Poker Tournament - $100 USD GTD
  • Late check-in 60 minutes
GT Bonuses
Today 14:15 EST (GMT)
Freebuy NLHE Satellite
  • Satellite to Last Chance to ₮50 DayStarter, ₮1000 GTD
GT Bonuses
Today 14:45 EST (GMT)
Freebuy NLHE Satellite
  • Satellite to Satellite to ₮200 Sunday Special
GT Bonuses
Today 15:00 EST (GMT)
swordfish007 Challenge Freeroll
  • Satellite to swordfish007 Challenge Qualifier
GT Bonuses
Today 15:00 EST (GMT)
Free To Play - Round The Clock - Poker Tournament - $100 USD GTD
  • Late check-in 60 minutes
GT Bonuses
Today 15:00 EST (GMT)
$50 GTD - Freeroll 8-Max PLO8
  • Late check-in 30 minutes
GT Bonuses
Today 15:15 EST (GMT)
Freebuy NLHE Satellite
  • Satellite to Last Chance to BIG BANG Mid
GT Bonuses
Today 15:30 EST (GMT)
Daily Micro Freeroll Satellite ₮10 GTD
  • Satellite to ₮0.1 Daily Micro, ₮20 GTD 
GT Bonuses
Today 16:00 EST (GMT)
Freebuy NLHE Satellite
  • Satellite to BIG BANG Max
GT Bonuses
Today 16:00 EST (GMT)
  • Satellite to BIG10 - $20,000 GTD
GT Bonuses
Today 16:00 EST (GMT)
Free To Play - Round The Clock - Poker Tournament - $100 USD GTD
  • Late check-in 60 minutes
GT Bonuses
Today 16:15 EST (GMT)
Freebuy NLHE Satellite
  • Satellite to Last Chance Sat. to BIG BANG
GT Bonuses
  • Traffic monitoring. Every week we update the traffic numbers in poker rooms – both the general online and all limits of Hold'em and Omaha at different times of the day.

We also remind you of two useful tables that poker players cannot do without in 2023:

  • List of current methods for deposits and cashouts in the main poker rooms.
  • Breakdown of available rooms per country. In separate tabs – detailed information for moving from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.

GGPoker added 9-max hold'em with an ante and play money games

After the technical update of GGPoker in the client, the number of games has noticeably increased:

– 9-max hold'em tables with ante have opened in the cash lobby. Added 4 micro limits: from $0.01/$0.02($0.01) to $0.1/$0.25($0.1)

– Now you can play for play chips in cash, AoF, Rush&Cash, Short Deck, and Spin&Gold. The tables are in the same tab, at the end of the general list, and are separated by a line

– Chat added to tournament lobby and Spin&Gold Live tables

High-stakes regulars (NL/PL5000 and above) were upset by a significant increase in rake – from about 4 to 7bb/100. More details were discussed in this separate article.

Regular leaderboards have also been extended. In April, $10,000,000 will be raffled off: all formats of the poker room games participate. More information about the points system, scoring periods, and payouts can be found in the promotions section on GipsyTeam.

Road to Vegas: WSOP Satellite Tournament Packages

Satellites are being played at GGPoker where you can win a $12,000 prize package for a participant in the WSOP-2023 Main Event. Package includes:

  • $10,000 buy-in to WSOP 2023 Main Event
  • Payment for accommodation (7 days)
  • $1,000 to GGPoker account

Multi-stage satellites from $1 are already available in the poker room lobby. If the winner of the prize package wins the WSOP Main Event, he will receive an additional $1,000,000 from GG.

The first days of the 2023 World Series Main Event will take place July 3-6 at the Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas Hotels & Casinos, Las Vegas.

>> Create an account at GGPoker

Red Star Poker

The Superstack multi-day tournament and two new freerolls

From April 1 to April 30, RedStar Poker will host The Superstack multi-day knockout tournament with a prize pool of €200,000.

The buy-in for the tournament will cost €25: flights start from the beginning of the month, and the final is scheduled for April 30th.

For completing simple missions during the tournament, you can get tickets to freerolls with a guarantee of €1,000. Before completing each, registration in the client's Missions menu is required. The revenue mission is weekly, credit periods are indicated in the table.

MissionMission DescriptionTime and Date (GMT)Prize
RevenueEarn 3,500 bonus pointsWeek 1: 01/04/2023 (10:00) – 09/04/2023 (23:59) Week 2: 10/04/2023 (0:00) – 16/04/2023 (23:59) Week 3 : 04/17/2023 (00:00) – 04/23/2023 (23:59) Week 4: 04/24/2023 (00:00) – 04/30/2023 (19:45)E4 Ticket: €25 Superstack
First InPass the second day of the E4 tournament: €200,000 Superstack in the first two weeks01/04/2023 (10:00) – 16/04/2023 (23:59)E4 Ticket: €1,000 Part 1 Freeroll
Hunting GroundsEliminate 5 players in E4 tournaments: €200,000 Superstack | D1 for the first two weeks01/04/2023 (10:00) – 16/04/2023 (23:59)E4 Ticket: €1,000 Part 1 Freeroll
Alpha PredatorsEliminate 10 players in E4 tournaments: €200,000 Superstack" (including Day-1 and Day-2)01/04/2023 (0:00) – 30/04/2023 (23:59)E4 Ticket: €1,000 Part 2 Freeroll
step by stepPlay 15 E4 Qualifier Satellites: €200,000 Superstack | D1(min. buy-in – €0.20)01/04/2023 (0:00) – 30/04/2023 (23:59)E4 Ticket: €1,000 Part 2 Freeroll
Stack BuilderPlay any 5 E4 tournaments: €200,000 Superstack | D101/04/2023 (0:00) – 30/04/2023 (23:59)E4 Ticket: €1,000 Part 2 Freeroll

Freeroll dates:

  • E4: €1,000 Part 1 Freeroll – April 17 at 17:30
  • E4: €1,000 Part 2 Freeroll – May 1 at 17:30

Card Collector: daily missions with cash prizes and spins

Until April 17, RedStar Poker continues the Card Collector promotion, where you can get tournament tickets for playing cash or Twister spins.

To take part, you need to register for the promotion in the client's Missions menu (every day again). After that, a puzzle will appear there, which is assembled in parts: you need to win hands with the specified hole card or cards. For a fully assembled puzzle, you get a scratch card with tickets from €1 to €100.

Missions are played in Hold'em at tables of €0.05/0.10 and higher (excluding heads-up tables), as well as in Twister Spins with a buy-in of €5 and above. You can collect up to four puzzles per day: the last one will bring 2 scratch cards with prizes.

The crediting period lasts from 22:00 to 21:59 on the next day GMT. Scratch cards and prize tickets are valid for 7 days after issuance.

If you're an active RedStar player, you should consider switching to GT+. There are many bonuses: the maximum status of the loyalty program, monthly reloads, detailed information about opponents, and iPokerTools for a comfortable game.

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Tournament series The High Five: 199 tournaments from $1.1

From April 1 to April 21, The High Five festival returns to PokerKing with 199 tournaments with buy-ins from $1.1 to $420 (most of them in hold'em).

The main tournament will start on April 16 at 16:30: a ticket will cost $420, and the guarantee will be $420,000. At the start, they will give 210 BB, unlimited reentry, levels – 15 minutes each.

Large prize money will be played in two more tournaments (GMT is indicated):

  • Vaporizer $300K Gtd for $215 – April 9 at 5:30 pm
  • Sunday Warm-Up $400K Gtd for $109 – April 16 at 5:05 pm

$110,000 Tournament Package at High Stakes Adventure Cyprus

On April 16 and 23, PokerKing will give away 5 tickets to the High Stakes Adventure poker series, which will be held from May 10 to 25 in Cyprus.

The finals with prize packages (2 packages will be played on April 16, three more on April 23) will start at 18:05 GMT, buy-in is $2,650. The ticket can be won in satellites:

  • HighStakes Cyprus Turbo for $109 (3 tickets) – April 16 and 23, 16:05
  • HighStakes Cyprus Turbo for $290 (5 tickets) – April 16 and 23, 16:05
  • HighStakes Cyprus Hyper for $207.5 (2 tickets) – April 16 and 23, 18:05

The $110,000 package includes $100,000 in tournament buy-ins and $10,000 in travel and expenses.

>> Start playing at PokerKing


Leaderboards for Cash, SnG, and Spins

TigerGaming hosts several regular rake races.

Hold'em and Omaha. There will be three daily leaderboards for each of the disciplines:

  • Low: $0.05/$0.1 – $0.25/0.5
  • Medium: $0.5/$1 – $1/$2
  • High: $2/$5 and up

The scoring period lasts from 5:00 to 4:00 the next day GMT, points are awarded for the paid rake. Leaderboard prizes are paid out with the top 100 (top 50 for High) tickets to Instant All-in Shootout freerolls where players are automatically all-in until a winner is determined. Freeroll guarantees in the table:


Fast poker. This $250 leaderboard will be daily (from 4:00 to 3:59 GMT). Only one limit plays – $0.1/$0.25, points are also given for rake (not awarded in heads-ups). 20 players get into the prizes.

Sit&Go. The crediting period is from 4:00 to 3:00 of the next day GMT. Points are awarded for rake in Sit&Go tournaments (except heads-up), and the top 50 players will receive tickets to the Instant All-in Shootout freeroll, in which players automatically go all-in until a winner is determined. The tournament guarantee is $300, and 10 winners will receive $30 in tournament dollars.

Freeroll starts daily at 4:30 GMT.

Back Windfall. Every day, the top 5 players will play for $300, and the scoring period is from 4:00 to 3:59 GMT. One point is awarded per $1 rake paid in Windfall, all buy-ins are included. Prizes are paid out in tournament dollars.

To confirm participation, click "Opt-in" next to the desired leaderboard in the My Missions section of the client before each credit period.

>> Start playing on TigerGaming


Round the Clock freerolls: starts every hour, $2,500 total guarantee

Partypoker now has Round The Clock freerolls! They run every hour starting from midnight, and the total prize pool for the day is $2,500.

Each tournament is guaranteed to win from $50 to $200 (the biggest prizes are in the evening tournaments). Prize money is paid out in party dollars (P$). No password is required, anyone can participate. Registration opens one hour before the start.

Freeroll structure:

  • Starting stack – 100BB
  • Levels – 5 minutes each
  • Late check-in – 60 minutes

>> Create a partypoker account


CSOP Series Guaranteed ₮180,000

The flagship ₮180,000 guaranteed (₮1 equals $1) CSOP series returns to CoinPoker from April 7 to 16. 26 Hold'em and Omaha tournaments with buy-ins from ₮20 to ₮2,000 have been announced and will start in the evenings GMT. The main tournament will start at 20:00 on April 16 with a ticket price of ₮500 and a prize pool of ₮50,000.

Satellites in various formats (including freerolls and freebies) are already available in the lobby, which will help you save on tickets.

Poker room ambassadors marked with a special CP-Bounty badge will take part in the tournaments: they will give a ticket of the same value for a knockout.

#dateTime (GMT)GameFormatBuy-in (₮)Prizepool (₮)
1April 716:00NLHERebuy₮20₮2,000
2April 718:00NLHEFreezeout Special₮50₮2,500
3April 720:00NLHEBig Bang Mid Special₮75₮4,000
4April 816:00NLHEPKO₮50₮1,500
5April 818:00PLORebuy, Turbo, Add-on₮50₮2,000
6April 820:00NLHECSOP PKO Saturday Special₮200₮6,000
7April 916:00NLHERebuy₮100₮5,000
8April 918:00NLHERebuy, Deep Stack₮2,000₮25,000
9April 920:00NLHECSOP Sunday Special₮200₮30,000
10April 1017:00NLHERebuy, Hyper₮25₮1,500
elevenApril 1019:00NLHERebuy, Hyper₮50₮2,500
12April 1117:00NLHEPKO₮20₮1,000
13April 1119:00NLHEPKO, Turbo₮75₮2,500
14April 1217:00NLHERebuy₮50₮2,000
15April 1219:00NLHEFreezeout Special₮100₮4,000
16April 1317:005PLORebuy, Turbo, Add-on₮30₮1,000
17April 1319:00PLORebuy, add-on₮100₮2,500
18April 1416:00NLHERebuy, add-on₮30₮2,500
19April 1418:00NLHERebuy, Hyper₮70₮3,000
20April 1420:00NLHECSOP Big Bang Special₮150₮8,000
21April 1516:00NLHEPKO, Hyper₮30₮1,000
22April 1518:00NLHEPKO, Turbo₮50₮2,500
23April 1520:00NLHEPKO Saturday Special₮200₮6,000
24April 1616:00NLHENo Mercy Bounty₮30₮4,000
25April 1618:00PLORebuy, Deep Stack₮1,000₮15,000
26April 1620:00NLHECSOP Main Event₮500₮50,000

Weekly ₮100 Freeroll

Another tournament was added to the GipsyTeam Freeroll League in March – on CoinPoker. To participate, you need to register at CoinPoker using the link from GipsyTeam. It is not necessary to make a deposit.

GipsyTeam Weekly 100 USDT Freeroll starts at 17:30 GMT every Sunday, the prize pool is ₮100 (₮1 equals $1). Starting stack – 200 blinds, 8-minute levels.

To withdraw prize money, you will need to link your wallet to your account. To do this, you need to make a deposit of any size (there are no limits on the amount on CoinPoker). The minimum cashout is ₮5.

In February, the room raised the cash rake from 4% to 5%, but active players can count on payouts from weekly leaderboards, while GT+ will help with deposits and cashouts and share a monthly bonus.

WPTGlobal launched Omaha cash tables

WPTGlobal poker room continues to expand: now you can play pot-limit Omaha for 9 PLO limits, from 0.02/0.05 yuan (~PL1) to 25/50/100 yuan (~PL1500). Antes are taken on all tables, the presented formats are 6-max and 8-max.

This is not the first innovation of the poker room this month: a couple of weeks ago it became possible to play on several tables at the same time. You can multi-table both in cash and in MTT, there are restrictions on tables of the same type:

  • MTT – 7 tables on the client under Windows, 4 under MacOS
  • Cash – 2 tables
  • Fast Poker and PokerFlips – 1 table each

The room does not accept players from most of the CIS countries, but it is waiting for poker players from Serbia, Kazakhstan, and many other countries (you can find the full list in our table). New players are given a generous 100% first deposit bonus up to $1,200, monthly bonuses offered by GT+. If you have any questions, GT+ will promptly answer them.

>> Review and registration in the room

Mobile Application News

The popular American alliance Matrix ceased to exist. The traffic split into Galaxy Poker alliances and the new one, The Rec Room. Both deals are available on GT+! As a result, the overall selection of clubs has become noticeably richer:

  • American club Little Lamb is going to situational game NLH/PLO/PLO5/PLO6 at low and medium stakes. PLO8 tables available. 50% refund.
  • A small RDKing ORO club with NL50-NL200 situational play, as well as PLO4 and PLO5 at medium stakes. 40% refund.
  • The Canadian SCA union is available at night on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. There are tables in NL/PLO/PLO5 at NL/PL100 and NL/PL200. Return 45%.
  • High Roller Alliance La nueva era with an expensive game of PLO5 and PLO6. Lots of tables with bomb pots. 55% refund.

And ClubGG has new clubs for high rollers. There is a game in both the expensive five-card Omaha games, traditional for the application, and hold'em. See GT+ for details.