PPPoker is one of the standout mobile poker apps attracting lots of players these days. Instead of playing in one big group of players, mobile apps split everyone into lots of unions and clubs.

This article covers the PPPoker Kingdom of Poker, which recently merged with another union to become even bigger. We’ve researched this Russian group so that if you’re thinking about joining, now you’ll know what you’re getting into.

The main poker games in the Kingdom of Poker are 5-Card Omaha and Texas Holdem. We’ve received good reviewed about this union and the fairness of play. This may not be the largest group of players on PPPoker, but that’s not important all the time. Sometimes, you just need the right level of opponents and action.

The PPPoker application

The Kingdom of Poker is a union, meaning that many different PPPoker clubs joined together and merged their player pools. That’s great news for everyone in the union since the cash games will run more often and tournament series have higher guarantees. Larger unions can also reimburse more rakeback to their members.

PPPoker unions like the Kingdom of Poker don’t have strict membership conditions. Anyone can easily figure out how to join and apply to join, regardless of where you are located. That being said, most players in the Kingdom are from Russia, following MSK time.

5-Card Omaha cash games are the highlight of this union. The games are between PLO5 30 and PLO5 600, so there’s a nice range of stakes. It’s definitely a good choice for PLO5 players, but other formats are a little quiet at the Kingdom of Poker. They might get more traffic in the future, but we’d recommend other PPPoker unions for PLO4, PLO6, and NLH.

We can get you up to 60% rakeback at the Kingdom of Poker, made from the 55% standard union rakeback and a special 5% extra from GipsyTeam.

The prime times to play are between 3 am to 8 pm Eastern Standard Time.

PPPoker is an Asian mobile poker application developed in 2016. Unlike regular rooms, where all users play with each other on the same site, PPPoker is more like a live game — there a variety of private clubs in which players participate by invitation from the club and it's organisers.

You can bet that anyone who plays in the Kingdom of Poker enjoys PLO5. It’s the main game in the union and gets almost all of the player traffic.

We’ve heard reports of fair games and bot-free tables in this union. It seems that the game organizers are closely monitoring the games and ensuring reliable games – which is exactly what any PLO5 player wants.

It’s hard to get data about the skill level of the average Kingdom player, but the games are probably softer than the PLO5 cash games on major poker sites. You’ll have to check this for yourself once you learn how to join.

Cash games on PPPoker unions

Before you join the Kingdom of Poker, you need to download the PPPoker app. It’s available for Apple and Samsung mobile devices, but PPPoker has a PC app too. All of this software can be found on Google Play, App Store, or from the developer’s website.

Here are the next steps:

  1. When you have downloaded the PPPoker app, create your account. This should only take minutes and you won’t have to worry about strict conditions. PPPoker let’s anyone become a member by making a username and password.
  2. Log in to your account and click the Join button.
  3. Enter the Club ID and Referral ID for the Kingdom of Poker club that is active right now.
How to join PPPoker clubs

New clubs and unions are always forming on PPPoker, so you don’t want old Club IDs. The best rakeback and rewards come from whichever club offers them right now.

Send a short message to our 24/7 GT+ team and let them know that you want an updated Kingdom of Poker Club ID. You can get up to 60% rakeback at this union, but if there is a better deal (or a better union), we’ll surely tell you about it.

Let us know which poker game you really want to play. PLO5 is well catered-for at the Kingdom, but PokerBros might be a better mobile app for No-Limit Holdem players. Whatever your favorite game is, we’ll point you towards the most action.

GipsyTeam support
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  • No-Limit Holdem is thriving on The Alliance, PPPFish, or the PrimeTime Union. These three are the top NLH unions on the app right now, each one with at least 45% rakeback and very good traffic.
  • 4-Card Omaha players should head to Suprema Poker. Unions like the Brazillian Liga group are fantastic for PLO4, but also PLO5 and PLO6. Low and mid-stakes are covered around the clock in this union, which seems to be obsessed with Omaha games.
  • 6-Card Omaha action is good on the PPPPoker Pinoy Donks and El Dorado unions. Both spots are 24/7, with slightly higher stakes at El Dorado. Games start at PLO6 2 and go up to PLO6 170. For higher PLO6 stakes, we recommend the Diamond Union on PokerBros.
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PPPoker is an online social gaming platform and does not provide any real money service; Any monetary value indicated in this article is solely and exclusively endorsed by the respective club host.