The best software for poker training has changed a lot over the last ten years. Professionals and even diligent amateurs are now approaching learning in new ways. Previously, the source of knowledge was books, training videos, and a couple of online forums. It was very difficult to obtain information.

Today on forums, professionals share tips with beginners, and amateurs discuss strategies and interesting hands. However, other tools are also used for a versatile learning process.

A tool called Flopzilla which works with ranges

Today, it is auxiliary software that is used as the main tool for improving the level of the game. You've probably heard about solvers – complex and advanced programs that show the profitability of each of the available actions in a particular hand. They are fantastic tools, however, it’s better for beginners to avoid them. They risk misinterpreting the calculation data or getting confused by it.

At online micro-limits, using solver lines is generally a questionable practice, since most of your opponents will not understand what you are trying to portray.

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Let's start with a training program that is indispensable for tournament players – ICMIZER 3. The software has become very popular because it allows you to maximize profits in the later stages of MTTs.

It is no secret that this is where the main money is made and lost, which means it is especially important to avoid negative and overly-dispersive decisions.

The program evaluates the strength of a given hand, but also takes into account the current situation at the table, like the number of remaining players, pay jumps, and stacks.

The software has many features. Here are the main ones:

  • Push-fold charts. Access up-to-date charts, from which you will see which hands are pushed and which hands are folded.
  • Nash equilibrium calculation. This is an interesting layout that demonstrates how the players should have acted based on the optimal strategy of the game.
  • Automatic hand analysis. ICMIZER 3 quickly disassembles the spot, offering optimal lines.
  • Simulation of scenarios at the table.
ICMIZER 3 program interface

Players highlight the top advantages of ICMIZER:

  • Quick calculations.
  • Bonus features are unlocked with a subscription, like the replayer and MTT coach.
  • High accuracy of calculations.
  • Analysis of complex tournament situations.
  • Suitable for poker players of different levels.
ICMIZER 3: A Review of The Features + Free Trial

If you are a fan of optimal game theory (GTO), then Simple GTO Trainer rightfully claims to be the best training program.

Unlike many competing tools that charge a fee, you can legally get a free version of the software. It will have the following features:

  • Two training sets – Free Beta Starter Drills and Free Beta Starter Regular.
  • Analytics – you will get access to analytics of the current workout but also to any completed classes.
  • Adding ready-made training packages. The free version of Simple GTO Trainer is a foundation that you can gradually develop into a functional and sophisticated tool.
Simple GTO Trainer Interface

Main advantages of the program:

  • Variability – you can train on ready-made scenarios or build your own solution branches.
  • Methodology – upgrade your skill consistently.
  • Fast output of results – you get a picture in real-time after each played spot.
  • Integration with Simple Postflop and PioSOLVER – if you bought one of these solvers, data can be easily exchanged.
Simple Postflop: Preflop and Postflop Poker Solver

If we talk about top trainers for poker players, we must mention FlopZilla. The software is considered universal and is used by players of various levels: from those who take their first steps at the tables to experienced professionals.

You've probably heard the phrase “thinking in ranges.” It implies that you put your opponent not a specific hand, but a range of combinations. In this case, the range changes dynamically – depending on what decisions the opponent makes during the play. FlopZilla will teach you this skill.

FlopZilla Interface

The main advantage of the program is its cost and method of distribution. You pay $25 once and get two keys for different computers forever.

The developers are giving FlopZilla PRO as a bonus to the classic version of the software. But this is not the only plus:

  • The interface is as convenient and understandable as possible. 10 minutes will be enough to figure it out.
  • Support for different poker formats – FlopZilla is used by both cash players and MTT players.
  • Functional – you see how specific hands play postflop, and how well they hit the boards.
  • Equity calculator – calculation of equity for different starters.
  • Free version – trial is limited to a week, but you get access to all features.
Flopzilla and FlopzillaPro: Full Guide + Price

If you are looking for a trainer to improve your actions at tables in different formats, PreflopHero is exactly what you need!

The developers were as consistent as possible, making three separate products for popular disciplines:

Using the MTT software as an example, it offers these benefits:

  • Simulator – the simulator offers you random situations (essentially, these are tasks) where you need to find optimal solutions.
  • Charts – you can use ready-made ones or create your own.
  • Analytics – the program allows you to work on errors and eliminate leaks.
  • Versatility – you can access the training mode from different devices.
PreflopHero interface for MTT lovers

PreflopHero is distributed on a monthly subscription basis. Its price is only $20. If you choose the annual plan, you will get a good discount; the software will cost $150.

Considering the modern realities of poker, it would be strange not to include a solver in this selection. CardRunners EV software stands out from classic solvers.

CardRunners EV Interface

Firstly, the price: $75 for such powerful functionality is very little money.

Secondly, some advantages:

  • A simple and intuitive interface that even a beginner can quickly understand
  • Tooltips that make learning easy
  • CardRunners EV gives calculations for all streets and every action
  • Graphical display of mathematical expectation improves perception
  • You get a hint about what range makes the push unexploitable
  • Creating an effective counter-strategy against a specific opponent
Poker Tools To Boost Your Skill With Best HUDs