The Celebrity Poker Tour featured self-taught contortionist, hand balancer, and aerialist Sophie Dossi.

She chose an unusual position at the table.

In her final hand, she managed to go all-in quite impressively – with her feet. She grabbed the chips with her toes and flung them into the middle.

She didn't win the hand, which means that her toe-touched chips moved to another players stack. Lucky them!

“What the hell did I just watch?” – Randy Liu is perplexed.

“These celebrity poker tour streams are honestly so cringe to watch,” agrees David Peters’ fiancee Haley. “Anyone who actually likes poker can’t possibly enjoy watching these things."

Jeff Platt had a response:

"I disagree (respectfully, of course)…and I know I am biased because I am on commentary.

But these are built for an entirely different audience. A large % of which are either new to the game or extremely casual fans.

I think these streams create a path of entry to the game different from normal events. Perfect example being the April CPT event when Tana Mongeau went deep and her entire channel’s audience (mostly women, mostly new to poker) seemed to fall in love with the game on the spot…in part because of how much fun everybody was having.

Completely realize, of course, these aren’t for everybody, especially hardcore players. But do think they are very good for the game.

Ok that’s all love ya Hayls"

In another similar show, but with a more serious lineup of players, Phil Hellmuth made another fantastic fold – he threw away the Queens preflop.

Phil's fold was not easy and the tanking lasted almost 8 minutes.

“When speech play goes wrong,” noted Joe Ingram. "Hellmuth was moving all-in before Jeff started his performance IMO"

A post by Will Jaffe caused a stir among readers and collected more than 200 comments. He compiled a rating of MTT players:

– The best NL tournament players right now;

Stephen Chidwick

Adrian Mateos

Alex Kulev

Mike Watson

Alex Poniakov

Arthur Martirosyan

Steve O'Dwyer

Did I miss anyone?

“Sick rage bait,” Matt Berkey responded. – "You are learning".

Chris Brewer walked around New York :

– Fiancé signed her and myself up for the Great Saunter today, a 32 mile walk through New York. Neither of us have trained at all. Will we finish?

Chris completed it in 10.5 hours:

– Did it. Want to die.

Dan Smith was bored at the airport while waiting for a plane to Geneva and encouraged readers to ask him any questions .

– Would you rather never gamble again or never have sex again?

– Would painfully retire from gambling.

– Favorite sport to bet on?

– Tennis, because you can feel the tension from the very beginning. For example, in the NBA, the first quarter does not affect anything at all. By the way, tennis is also the only sport that I can watch without betting 😯

– What is the biggest bet in your life?

– Medvedev’s victory in the 2021 final in three sets brought me $300k.

– How much did you lose on your Celtics vs Warriors finals wagers?

– 100-150k, don’t remember specifically.

– What's up in Geneva?

– Seems like a good place to start recharge in between intense poker stops. Pretty mountains, Good food, and I have two close friends who live there

– how many better people at chess are there then you in NYC? (if any)?

– NYC is very strong. I’d think over 100.

Patrick Leonard found "the best poker video of all tme":

– Russian in his kegs depositing $500, getting sat against a supernova eliiiiiite in an HU SNG and then dancing around. Would for sure be Twitch superstar if 10 years later.

The original video with the title “ How to earn $500 in 2 minutes ,” which has 320k views, was posted on YouTube in 2013.

In one of the SCOOP tournaments, Patrick fulfilled the dream of many regulars and won the hand by check-raising on all streets.

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Isaac Haxton, in turn, came across a poker video that has over 100 million views:

– What is going on here? This is apparently the most-viewed poker clip of all time.

In it the hero matter-of-factly narrates a hand in which he raises with JJ, gets five callers, flop T52r, he check-raises, bets turn, and wins a 70bb pot without showdown.

“Not everyone can show a master class in every hand like you, Ike,” the author of the Wolfgang Poker video replied with slight offense. – That’s why I’m happy with so many views even for this boring giveaway.

“I wasn’t trying to offend you at all, sorry if it’s not obvious.” This is a well-made short, I'm not surprised people like it. I was surprised that this particular clip became the most viewed of all. What's so special about it?

– I can already see how your tweet will raise a new wave of skeptics who will begin to repeat that I am increasing views and subscribers. That's why I have such a defensive reaction. I don’t understand what algorithm made this video viral. As you rightly noted, the hand ended on the turn, which is pretty boring from a poker point of view. I can only assume that it's because I posted it a year ago (when no one was making shorts yet), which is why it has so many views and continues to grow.

Twitch Poker Channels We Bet You Will Go All-In On

Josh Arie recalled one of his favorite gambling stories from his youth:

– One of my fav gambling stories. I’m 18 year old poolhustler with about a $1k bankroll. There’s been this high roller from Fla in town regularly losing huge $ playing pool and every weekend we drove from pool hall to pool hall to look for him. He was easy to spot because he drove a brand new Acura NSX. After weeks of stories i finally found him at a late night bar that would let me in as long as I didn’t drink. A local hustler set up the game for me but I had to give him 25% of the action. This guy gave zero fucks, he just wanted to put on a show. We started at $100 a game, but every time I’d win a game, he just wanted to play for more.

This was the first time in my life that I saw cocaine. It was about 4am, the bar doors were looked to gen public, it was only the gamblers in there, all hoping I’d quit so they had their chance at Steve. Between games he’s doing lines off the bar stool, without a care in the world. At about noon the next day the stakes had made its way to $2k a game. (When I walked in the bar I had $500) I was up around $28,000. We battled for around 48 hours with him making a big comeback. I was afraid of taking drugs to stay awake, so I faded after around 40 hours.

I said last game when I was up 4k. He was about to break the balls and he looked up and said ‘so kid, what’d you buy’ without hesitation I said ‘a brand new Honda prelude with teardrop rims’.

I learned a valuable lesson that day. Never lose focus, never count the prize until you’re done.

I ended up winning 2k, didn’t get my Honda Prelude and never got in action with him again. Over a 2 year period, he lost about a million dollars playing pool in Atlanta. I got 2k of it :(