Poker has an element of random chance, but it’s not a game of luck. Despite this, you can find poker tables in casinos with roulette and slot machines nearby. Most people don’t know that poker is considered a “mind sport”, the same as chess. It’s something that can be studied, honed, and improved‌ upon.

The best poker courses can speed up learning, but you’ve got to choose the right one.

We’re going to share some free educational resources that are sure to improve your general knowledge and poker skills. We’ll let you know what each course offers you and what sessions will cost. If you’re looking for poker coaching or tools to improve your game, let our dedicated support staff know.

Какой вид покера предпочитаешь?

PokerStars has a large library of training videos on a range of topics. The best thing is, it’s free to view the entire library, which includes videos from Lex Velduis and several other PokerStars coaches. You’ll find courses to improve in areas like MTTs, cash games, spin & go, poker theory, bankroll management, and more.

PokerStars has a great library of texts and videos

The PokerStars Learn library is divided into 3 main areas:

  1. Strategies and Tips: This is where PokerStars pros make videos about specific areas of poker. For example, Lex has several videos about common river mistakes, recognizing strength at the table, and more interesting areas.
  2. Articles and Tips: These articles include live poker tournament coverage, news about the poker world, and much more.
  3. Courses: The courses at PokerStars Learn don’t cover every area, but they do have simple guides for a few main aspects of poker. There are courses for cash games, tournaments, and mindset, but also a poker basics class that takes around one hour.

You’ll want to use the PokerStars software while you study – and it won’t cost you anything. You can easily toggle to Play Money at any time and switch back to Real Money at your leisure. Play cash games in any format you want, from Texas hold ‘em and Omaha, to short deck and mixed games.

Lex Velhuis has tons of experience and a clear style of communication

After watching Lex Veldhuis navigate his way through PokerStars tournaments, you can give it a try for yourself. The daily Micro Pacific Rim Special is only $5.50 to enter, with a prize between $1500-$2000. If you thought that was impressive, The Mini Marathon takes it a step further, with a $5.50 entry fee for a $4000 to $8000 prize pool.

There’s a $30 Freeplay Bonus waiting for first-time depositors at PokerStars (minimum $10 deposit). You can find all of the details in our PokerStars review.

GGPoker gives players a way to learn the basics, totally free. They have articles on betting rounds, poker rules, and hand combinations, as well as an AI hand analysis tool.

Ask Fedor is a unique hand analysis tool with input from tournament legend Fedor Holz. Navigate to your GGPoker hand history and select Ask Fedor to get a rating on how you played a hand. Along with a rating, you’ll see suggestions on how you could have changed bet sizes or actions to be more profitable.

Ask Fedor was made with input from Holz

There are three different tiers of membership, each with different amounts of “Asks” (hands you can analyze with Ask Fedor).



30 Asks

Non-VIP Games Only



100 Asks + 20 Bonus Asks

Non VIP Games Only



Unlimited Asks

All Games – Including VIP

We’ve got the scoop on GGPoker’s bonuses, like $50 in cash and tournament tickets with a deposit of $20, or a 100% matched bonus (minimum deposit $10). Their 30-day Honeymoon is full of challenges for new players to complete, with up to $350 in value if you manage to complete each one.

888poker has short educational courses in their eMagazine. It’s a great place for beginners to learn poker terms and other basic aspects. They also delve into higher-level topics like resilience, mindfulness, and even breathing techniques for live poker.

Sam Abernathy is one of the 888poker players making course material

Practicing your new strategies is important and 888poker is a great place to do that. You’ll be playing among a mostly recreational player pool at the lower stakes, whether it’s cash games or MTTs. They have an outstanding range of freeroll tournaments, like a $200 Daily Freeroll that runs almost hourly.

partypoker has small courses on Texas hold ‘em, Omaha, and short deck poker on their website. They also have guides for other types of poker.

MyGame Whiz is for post-play analysis

partypoker offers a hand analysis tool called MyGame Whiz, which is similar to Ask Fedor. It can store the hands you’ve played (up to 48 hours) and give you guidance on the optimal way to play them. It’s free to use and you can try it today by following our download guide.

Register using this link to get access to GipsyTeam bonuses:
  • Increased first deposit bonus
  • Increased rakeback and reloads
  • Help with deposits and cashouts
  • Access to private freerolls
  • Round-the-clock support

Masterclass is a high-quality educational platform with classes from well-known professionals in every niche imaginable. It’s no surprise that they offer a poker MasterClass headed by Daniel Negreanu and Phil Ivey.

Daniel’s MasterClass offers you a chance to learn his cash game and MTT strategies, for online and live play. He also speaks in depth about reading opponents and using deception at the poker table.

Each of these legends spends several hours speaking about poker

Phil Ivey’s class begins with preflop play, then covers betting and bluffing before moving to postflop play (there are 2 sections dedicated to postflop). You can also get Phil’s perspective on the mental side of poker, as well as table image and poker face tips.

MasterClass costs $15 per month for individuals, but members must pay up-front for the whole year. You get a 30-day satisfaction guarantee with any membership.

Individual$15 per month ($180 per year)
Duo$20 per month ($240 per year)
Family$23 per month ($276 per year)

Udemy is slightly different than other coaching platforms, since anyone can create an account and make courses. You can take a look at reviews from other people who took the course, so you get an idea of what you’re paying for.

Several courses on Udemy have thousands of downloads and great ratings

Courses are made up of video lectures and presentations with exercises. Not all courses are equal, some are longer or shorter than others. One of the most popular courses has over 28 hours of lectures and 24 sections, but this varies a lot.

There’s a range of pricing on Udemy, anywhere from $19-$70+. There are only two free courses for poker on Udemy.