RedStar Poker

Summer Festival Series Tournament Ticket Leaderboards

Summer Festival is one of the flagship series at RedStar Poker, which takes place every summer: last year, €2,000,000 was awarded over 162 tournaments. The schedule for the upcoming stage of the flagship Summer Festival has not yet been published, but there is information about the leaderboards: from July 19th to August 7th, tournament tickets for €3-€500 will be awarded.

The leaderboards are divided into buy-in categories:


Points are awarded according to the following scheme:

  • 1 point – play in any PKO tournament in the series
  • 2 points – play in any rebuy tournament
  • 2 points – for each knockout of the opponent
  • 3 points – play in a freezeout tournament
  • 5 points – enter the prize zone
  • 15 points – reach the final table
  • 30 points – win

Tickets are valid for 2 months from the date of receipt.

PlacePrize ticket price (€)


PlacePrize ticket price (€)


PlacePrize ticket price (€)


Twister Leaderboard: 4 Leaderboards for Spins Players

Until July 14, two leaderboards are available for spin players in the iPoker network rooms: the Twister Leaderboard will be available along with the Weekly Twister Races. At each stage, 5,000 tournament tickets in Twister will be raffled off.

Prizes are awarded to the top 200 of the leaderboard, points are earned in two ways: 10 points for every euro of rake + for completing daily Twister Fever missions.

Each race lasts 8 days (except the last one).

  • Period 1: Friday, June 14, 00:00 – Friday, June 21, 16:59 EST
  • Period 2: Saturday, June 22, 00:00 – Friday, June 29, 16:59 EST
  • Period 3: Sunday, June 30, 00:00 – Sunday, July 7, 16:59 EST
  • Period 4: Monday, July 8, 00:00 – Sunday, July 14, 16:59 EST
RankPrizeValue (€)
1Ticket 3x €200 Twister600
2Ticket 4x €100 Twister400
3Ticket 3x €100 Twister300
4Ticket 4x €50 Twister200
5Ticket 3x €50 Twister150
6Ticket 5x €20 Twister100
7-10Ticket 3x €20 Twister60
11-15Ticket 5x €10 Twister50
16-25Ticket 4x €10 Twister40
26-50Ticket 6x €5 Twister30
51-75Ticket 4x €5 Twister20
76-100Ticket 3x €5 Twister15
101-125Ticket 6x €2 Twister12
126-150Ticket 4x €2 Twister8
151-200Ticket 5x €1 Twister5

To participate in the promotion, you need to click the “Opt-in” button in the “Leaderboards” section of the client.

Operational since 2005, RedStar Poker offers licensed and regulated online poker via the iPoker platform to users across Eastern Europe.
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ICM calculator. A help for any tournament player: you can quickly enter stacks, prizes and find out the value of the stack according to the ICM model. Supports up to 20 participants.

Bot with promotions. Telegram bot that notifies about new offers from poker rooms: in the promotions section, click on the “Subscribe” button, mark the desired rooms and disciplines and click “Save for bot”.

Randomizer. Simple, nice, and convenient random number generator. It can be opened in a small separate window in the browser and placed next to the tables for easy randomization.

Freeroll schedule. All key rooms from all affiliates – with passwords!

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Monster Stack Madness Series ₮200,000 Guarantee

From July 21 to 28, CoinPoker will host the Monster Stack Madness festival with a prize pool of ₮200,000. The main feature is that all tournaments will start with an increased stack of 250BB.

The schedule includes 50 Hold'em tournaments with buy-ins from 3 to 500, those starting later will be held in an accelerated format. The Main Event with a buy-in of ₮500 will take place on July 28 at 15:00 EST time, the prize fund will be ₮50,000. There are two more tournaments in the top 3 guarantees of the series:

  • Monster Stack HR Special #7 for ₮500 (July 21, 15:00 EST), prize pool ₮25,000)
  • Monster Stack Sunday Special #49 for ₮200 (July 28, 15:00 EST), ₮40,000 guaranteed)

For knocking out a CoinPoker Ambassador (CP Bounty) the buy-in will be returned.

Before the start of the series, from July 18 to 20, satellites with tickets worth ₮2,500 are planned.

Leaderboard. ₮5,000 will be played for in the leaderboard by the best players of the series. The formula for scoring points is: Log (Prize fund) / √ (Finish position / number of entries). If you register before the start of the tournament, you will be awarded 25% more points. The scoring period lasts from 20:00 on July 20 to 19:59 on July 28 EST.

PlacePrize (₮)

Prizes are paid in tickets, including tickets to the upcoming CSOP series.

Freerolls. Freerolls with a total guarantee of ₮5,000 will help you save on buy-ins; tickets are given for replenishing your account from ₮50 during the festival.

There will be three free tournaments:

Credit periodFreeroll date and time (EST)
July 1-7July 7, 16:02
July 8-14July 14, 16:02
July 15-21July 21, 16:02

Freerolls are password protected: it will be sent to all participants by email. In the first and third weeks, the top 4 will receive 500 tickets, in the second – 100 tickets for the top 20.

Ticket draw. For every ₮100 balance replenishment, you get a lottery ticket (for every ₮100 cashout, the ticket burns out).

The draw will take place on July 19, the prize fund is ₮5,000:

  • 4 tickets for ₮500
  • 30 tickets for ₮100

You can win no more than one ticket.

DateTime (EST)Name of the TournamentBuy-in (₮)
Sun, July 2113:00Monster Stack Opener Mini #1, 300 GTD3
Sun, July 2113:00Monster Stack Opener #2, 2000 GTD25
Sun, July 2114:00Monster Stack PKO Lightweight #3, 500 GTD5
Sun, July 2114:00Monster Stack PKO Heavyweight #4, 4,000 GTD100
Sun, July 2115:00Monster Stack Sunset Mini #5, 1,000 GTD10
Sun, July 2115:00Monster Stack Sunset #6, 3,000 GTD50
Sun, July 2115:00Monster Stack HR Special #7, 25,000 GTD500
Mon, July 2213:00Monster Stack Starter Mini #8, 300 GTD3
Mon, July 2213:00Monster Stack Starter #9, 2000 GTD25
Mon, July 2214:00Monster Stack Monday Mini #10, 500 GTD5
Mon, July 2214:00Monster Stack Monday #11, 4,000 GTD100
Mon, July 2215:00Monster Stack Freezeout #12, 1,000 GTD10
Mon, July 2215:00Monster Stack Evening Express #13, 3,000 GTD50
Tue, Jul 2313:00Monster Stack Starter Mini #14, 500 GTD5
Tue, Jul 2313:00Monster Stack Starter #15, 1500 GTD20
Tue, Jul 2314:00Monster Stack Gladiator #16, 300 GTD3
Tue, Jul 2314:00Monster Stack Titan #17, 5,000 GTD150
Tue, Jul 2315:00Monster Stack Twilight #18, 1,200 GTD15
Tue, Jul 2315:00Monster Stack Evening Express #19, 3,000 GTD50
Wed, Jul 2413:00Monster Stack Starter Mini #20, 300 GTD3
Wed, Jul 2413:00Monster Stack Starter #21, 2000 GTD25
Wed, Jul 2414:00Monster Stack PKO Lightweight #22, 500 GTD5
Wed, Jul 2414:00Monster Stack Colossus #23, 4,000 GTD100
Wed, Jul 2415:00Monster Stack Nightfall #24, 1,000 GTD10
Wed, Jul 2415:00Monster Stack Freezeout #25, 3,000 GTD50
Thu, Jul 2513:00Monster Stack Starter Mini #26, 500 GTD5
Thu, Jul 2513:00Monster Stack Starter #27, 1500 GTD20
Thu, Jul 2514:00Monster Stack Gladiator #28, 300 GTD3
Thu, Jul 2514:00Monster Stack Titan #29, 5,000 GTD150
Thu, Jul 2513:00Monster Stack Twilight #30, 1,200 GTD15
Thu, Jul 2513:00Monster Stack Evening Express #31, 3,000 GTD50
Fri, July 2613:00Monster Stack Starter Mini #32, 300 GTD3
Fri, July 2613:00Monster Stack Starter #33, 2000 GTD25
Fri, July 2614:00Monster Stack PKO Lightweight #34, 500 GTD5
Fri, July 2614:00Monster Stack PKO Heavyweight #35, 4,000 GTD100
Fri, July 2615:00Monster Stack Nightfall #36, 1,000 GTD10
Fri, July 2615:00Monster Stack Evening Express #37, 3,000 GTD50
Sat, July 2713:00Monster Stack Starter Mini #38, 300 GTD3
Sat, July 2713:00Monster Stack Starter #39, 2000 GTD25
Sat, July 2714:00Monster Stack Gladiator #40, 300 GTD3
Sat, July 2714:00Monster Stack Titan #41, 5,000 GTD150
Sat, July 2715:00Monster Stack PKO Finisher #42, 1,200 GTD15
Sat, July 2715:00Monster Stack Evening Express #43, 3,000 GTD50
Sun, July 2813:00Monster Stack Starter Mini #44, 300 GTD3
Sun, July 2813:00Monster Stack Starter #45, 2000 GTD25
Sun, July 2814:00Monster Stack Lightweight #46, 500 GTD5
Sun, July 2814:00Monster Stack Heavyweight #47, 4,000 GTD100
Sun, July 2815:00Monster Stack Sunday Special Mini #48, 4,000 GTD20
Sun, July 2815:00Monster Stack Sunday Special #49, 40,000 GTD200
Sun, July 2815:00Monster Stack Main Event #50, 50,000 GTD500
Founded in 2017, CoinPoker is a cryptocurrency-only online poker room supported in several languages including; English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese. While CoinPoker doesn’t prohibit users from any specific country, users are advised to ensure that the country they are residing in allows online gambling.

Mobile Apps News

Challenges in large alliances. You can earn money in applications not only by playing well: the owners of alliances hold promotions with prizes that are not inferior to large rooms.

For example, in July, two challenges were launched in the Whale Pond PPP alliance:

  • The first player to play 5,000 hands of NLH at stakes 1/2 to 5/10 will receive AUD$7,500
  • The first player to play 25,000 hands in any discipline at limits 5/10 and higher will receive a Rolex worth 30,000 or 25,000 to their account.

GT+ monitors all alliances and marks active challenges in one table. Detailed information about each of them can be requested from support.

Best PPPoker Clubs for Soft Action (with Club IDs)

From Alliances to Small Clubs. Good PLO/PLO5 play is increasingly moving from the big alliances to private clubs. Here are a few new places to recommend:

In the private American club Omaha Maniacs, they play PLO and PLO5 at limits 1/2 and 2/4 with an ante. VPIP limit 30% + call time 45min. Peak traffic — around lunchtime and afternoon EST time. Return 45+5%.

In the new Russian alliance FLESH$, PLO5, and PLO6 are actively played at the limits of 0.5/1 and 1/2. The situation is gathering a game at low limits. The peak of traffic is afternoon in EST timezones. Access through the Snatch club, return 50+5%.

The Brazilian union HeadsUP Members have moved to the Suprema app. They play mostly heads-ups, there is traffic up to high limits. Unlike the main Suprema alliance, it is allowed to use H2N. The rake has also been reduced in the new app:

  • 1/2 – 50/100 3%, 3bb
  • 100/200 3% 2bb
  • 200/400 5% 1bb
  • 250/500 5% 1bb

Rakeback 55+5%.

Tournaments in the X-Poker App. The major Galaxy union has launched a large daily tournament grid with decent guarantees.

We offer access to the union through the Nebula Club, we return 55+5% of the commission.

Registration and details via GT+.


New Venom Tournaments with a Total Guarantee of $10,000,000

PokerKing has rethought the format of its most famous and largest tournament, The Venom. Now there will be two of them: in addition to the usual Hold'em, they have added a classic Omaha tournament.

The main tournament will be held in the Mystery Bounty format with a maximum bounty of $500,000, with at least $8,000,000 to be won in the tournament.

Another $2,000,000 will be played out in Venom PLO 6-max.

The tournaments will be held synchronously, there will be five entry days:

  • Day 1A: August 4
  • Day 1B: August 8
  • Day 1C: August 11
  • Day 1D: August 15
  • Day 1E: August 18

Flights to Venom Mystery Bounty start at 14:05 EST time, to Venom PLO 6-max — at 22:05. The remaining players will move on to Day 2 (August 19, 15:05), the final tables will be played the following day.


You can qualify for the tournament through several types of satellites:

  • Venom Fever Megasatellites: Tournaments with buy-ins from $32 to $215 and many tickets to The Venom.
  • Venom Blitz Steps: A unique format of multi-step satellites played in a fast poker format: no blind increases, but with tournament chips and table changes upon folding. A ticket to the next level is awarded upon reaching a stack of 5,000 chips. There are 9 stages in total, the cheapest costing $0.11 (the ticket can be won in 24/7 freerolls).
  • On Demand Steps: Classic qualifying tournaments where winning one satellite grants a ticket to a more expensive one. Available in Sit&Go and MTT formats, with buy-ins from $0.11 to $880. There are 9 steps in total, and you can start at any level (the ticket for the first level for $0.11 can be won in a freeroll).
  • On Demand Skips: Satellites similar to Steps but with 4 stages. Participation costs from $0.25 to $95.
  • Cash game players who win a prize in the weekly The Beast rake race can get entries to Beast & SnC – VENOM Fever MEGA satellites (each awarding 20 tickets worth $2,650, usable in any Venom event).

Venom Warm-Up

Prepare for The Venom with a multi-day tournament featuring a $1,000,000 guarantee.

The buy-in is $55, and you can join through regular flights starting from July 7.

The tournament's second day will be on July 28 at 20:05 GMT, with the final table the following day at 18:05 GMT.

Once a Week: Reload Bonus 50% up to $100

Until August 28th, PokerKing is offering a 50% reload bonus when you deposit using any method.

The bonus is available for one day each week, from 7:00 Wednesday to 23:59 Wednesday EST time. To use it, you need to enter the promo code HUMPDAY when depositing from 25. The maximum bonus size is 100, money is credited at 5 for every 120 Award Points (corresponds to 23% rakeback), and 30 days are given for wagering.

Founded in 2011, PokerKing offers a regulated online poker room to many countries throughout the world.


New Bad Beat Jackpot Rules

TigerGaming has updated the requirements for the losing hand in a Bad Beat Jackpot hand. In Hold'em, a full house with pocket aces is now sufficient (previously it was ). In PLO, the conditions remain the same — . The jackpot fund is replenished from the commission at all cash tables.


LimitsBad Beat Jackpot CommissionPot SizeMaximum Commission


LimitsBad Beat Jackpot CommissionPot SizeMaximum Commission

Prizes are distributed as follows:

  • 20% to the losing player
  • 10% to the winning player
  • 10% to the players at the table
  • 20% to players at all Bad Beat Jackpot tables
  • 35% to the next jackpot
  • 5% commission

Both pocket cards must be used and reach a showdown, and the hand must have 4 or more participants.

TigerGaming is a poker room on the Chico network, popular with American and Canadian players. TigerGaming Poker is a network targeted at the needs of recreational players and this is reflected in its software and promotions. TigerGaming Poker is one of the few sites which have taken a hard stance on third party software, choosing to ban certain tracking tools completely. TigerGaming offers new players an enormous sign up bonus of $1,000 as well as depositor’s freerolls, prize leaderboards and bad beat jackpots.


Go for Gold: Spins Mini Game with 1,000,000 Prize Pool

Until July 31, GGPoker is running the Go For Gold promotion: random prizes totaling $1,000,000 are being raffled off in spins.

Each player is given a card with five prize pool multipliers at the start of the tournament. It is required to collect stamps for the dropped multipliers, for all five they give a prize of up to $10,000.

All buy-ins are included. Multipliers in Spin&Gold 6-max and 3-max are equivalent. You can collect a new card after 24 hours from the moment you receive the first multiplier in the last filled one. The promotion may end earlier if the prize pool is fully drawn.

Bounty Jackpot Cancelled Online

Big news for fans of knockout tournaments: starting next month, they will no longer drop Bounty Jackpots. The opportunity to catch up to $1,000,000 in each KO tournament appeared in the room a year and a half ago, and, according to network representatives on Reddit, was not popular. Along with the reward, the additional commission will also be canceled.

The prize money already collected ($2.4 million) will be used to hold the series and additional promotions. They promise to add $1,000,000 to the drawings of the next Bounty Hunter Series.

Mystery Bounty has not been affected by the change: tournaments are held in the usual format.

GGPoker is a Hold’em and Omaha focused site on the Good Game Network. Offering a broad range of playing formats such as Randomised Sit & Gos, All-in or Fold, and 6+ Short Deck as well as fast cash games, and a plethora of tournament series including: GGMasters, Multi Millions and Bounty Hunters.


MicroMillions Series with a $4,000,000 Guaranteed

MicroMillions, the popular tournament festival for low-stakes players, returns to PokerStars from July 7-21 with a prize pool of $4,000,000.

The schedule includes 208 tournaments from $1.10 in Hold'em, Omaha, Stud, Short Deck and other types of poker. Traditionally, there is a wide variety of formats: Win The Button, ZOOM, Bubble Rush and others, for the first time at the festival, Mystery Bounty tournaments.

The Main Event with a guarantee of $500,000 will be held in a progressive knockout format, a ticket will cost $22. The start is scheduled for 14:05 EST time on July 21.

In just an hour, the most expensive tournament of the series starts – the High Roller event for $55 with a prize fund of $250,000.

PokerStars starting out holding online poker games back in 2001 and now the company is worth over 6 billion dollars. They sponsor a slew of tournaments like the European Poker Tour, UK and Ireland Poker Tour, plus a handful of others. Over the years, PokerStars has remained on top of the online poker industry. They’ve expanded to offer fantastic online casino games and sports betting.

WPT Global

Preheat Festival with $3,000,000 Guaranteed

From July 12 to 22, WPT Global will host the Preheat tournament festival with a prize pool of $3,000,000. The schedule includes 164 Holdem tournaments with buy-ins from $5.50. The largest amount of money will be played in the multi-day #4 Championship – $300,000. The ticket will cost $220, you can join the game from the start of the series. The final will be held on July 21 at 11:45 EST time. There will also be a mini-version called the #3 Mini Championship with a similar schedule, the second day will be held on July 20 at 11:00. The buy-in will be $22, and the prize pool is $80,000.

The high rollers won't be forgotten either. #139 High Roller PKO with a buy-in of $2,100 will have the second guarantee of the festival – $200,000, the tournament will take place on July 20 at 12:00 EST.

All winners will receive $220 tickets to the Main Event of the upcoming summer series, which will take place from July 28 to August 18. The prize pool for the tournament is $500,000. Series schedule.

WPT Global is the newest poker site today. After years of experience in the international live tournament market, in 2022 the WPT company decided to expand its influence to online platforms — and you can benefit from their welcome bonus.
Promo code GT

Exclusive Rake Race at Ton Poker

The increasingly popular crypto-room Ton Poker will hold a $2,000 rake race exclusively for GipsyTeam players.

To participate, you only need a telegram account and registration in the room from our site. Start on July 8th.


We will update the results daily in the promotions section.

The room gathers games up to NL200 daily, periodically up to NLK. The rake is high, but you can return 30%, and the lineups will pleasantly surprise and remind you of the first years of mobile applications – due to the ease of installation, there are many weak fans.

The room's developers announced a partnership with TylerRM – one of the students of his anti-bot course will regularly help the security service ensure fair play:

The impressions from the communication with the room director are good. I want to assign them a smart security officer who knows how to work and understands poker strategies.

I would, of course, like to see at least one room that would open-source the game history, as currently no online room does, although Triton (offline series) does. This would solve any problems with trust between players and the platform and would put up big obstacles for any fraud at the tables. So I am in favor of open game history in communication with any rooms, sooner or later someone will take the risk and we will support this movement.

Using the popular Telegram messaging app, the TON Poker room offers online poker without restrictions. Once you have Telegram, there is no registration before getting to TON Poker’s tables. Low and mid-stakes Texas Holdem cash games are where most of the player traffic is. The room also has a crypto-only cashier, meaning transactions are instant. On mobile devices and computers, TON Poker is a super-convenient way to play real money poker or practice on free chip tables.