GipsyTeam is the place to go to for all things in the poker world. We have a wide range of topics we cover, from basic poker terms, to where you can find the best freerolls, and so much more. Below, we have collected the most popular articles and divided them into several categories.

These articles are in no particular chronological order, so you can move around the page and find the stories that are most appropriate for you, whether you are a beginner, or an experienced player.

Какой вид покера предпочитаешь?

If you are learning poker, learning the basic terms is a good start. From poker face to all in, flops, folds, and hole cards, these articles will have most of the basics down for you all, as well as basic descriptions for some things that you might not know already.

Poker Face Meaning And Why You Should Practice It
Poker Terms That Every Player Needs To Know About
Bankroll in Poker: Tips To Manage Your Bankroll
Bluff in Poker: How To Tell A Believable Story
Rake in Poker: Why and How We Pay Rake to Play
Passive Poker: How To Profit From Passive Players
Tilt in Poker: What it is and how it affects players
Antes in Poker: Everything that you need to know
Poker Dealer: What’s The Deal With Their Job?
Poker Deck: Info About Casino and Online Decks
Everything You Need to Know About Blinds in Poker
Rakeback in Poker: Guide + Rates At Popular Sites
The Keys of Win Rate in Poker: How to Unlock Them
MTT Poker: What it is and How it Differs From Cash
Understand the Importance of the Bubble in Poker
The Buy-in For Poker Tournaments and Cash Games
Add-On in Poker [Almost Always] & Stay Competitive
Bankroll Management in Poker for Cash Games + MTTs
Barrel in Poker: Non-Stop Bets From Flop to River
Bluff Catcher in Poker: A Basic Strategy Guide
Bonus Hunting in Poker: Join These Sites First
VPIP in Poker: A Key Statistic for Player Analysis
Learn More About Biggest Underdogs at the Poker Table
Wrap in Poker: Count Straight Outs in Omaha Poker
Handicap in Poker: 6 Fun Ways to Change Your Games
Gutshot in Poker: A Low-Probability Straight
Understanding Poker Outs: Your Path to Success
Bounty in Poker: How it affects play at the tables
Mining in Poker: The Odds and Basics of Set Mining
Makeup in Poker Staking: A Simple Guide + Options
Nuts in Poker: The Best Hand Possible (For Now)
Preflop in Poker: Basic Strategy & Training Tools
River in Poker: Where Fortunes Turn on One Card
Flop in Poker: Learn How to Read Flop Textures
Upswing in Poker: Is The Training Site Worth It?
Mining in Poker for Player Data & Hand Histories
Backdoor in Poker: Certain Turn & River Cards Only
Value in Poker: Make More Profit From Opponents
Grinding in Poker: 4 Things to Improve Your Grind
Bad Beat in Poker: When Odds Aren’t In Your Favor
Downswing in Poker: Find Ways to Break the Cycle
RNG in Poker: Random Number Generators Explained
Isolation in Poker: Get Heads-Up Against Opponents
Cutoff in Poker: What it Means and Its Importance
Split in Poker: How to Divide the Pot After a Tie
Ranges in Poker: Think About Hands Like The Pros
Coinflip in Poker: When (Almost) Equal Hands Clash
Donk Bets: What They Are and What You Need to Know
Kicker in Poker: Learn How Crucial Kickers Can Be
Cold Call in Poker: Learn When to Use This Move
Call in Poker: Understand This Basic Poker Action
Cbet in Poker: When to Use This Effective Bet
Affiliate in Poker: Guide to Affiliate Marketing
Connector in Poker: What They Are + Basic Strategy
The Perfect Layout: Finding the Ideal Poker Design
Martingale in Poker: A Betting Strategy Explained
Overcard in Poker: How to Play With Overcards
Overpair in Poker: Playing Higher Pocket Pairs
Cooler in Poker: A Player’s Dream and Disaster
Overcall in Poker: Important Term with 2 Meanings
Overplay in Poker: Investing in Unworthy Hands
Push in Poker: When Players Move All the Chips In
Lead in Poker: What is a Lead and Donk Bet?
Raise in Poker: Min and Max Raises + More Rules
Squeeze in Poker: You’ll Love This 3-Bet Move
Overbetting in Poker: The Art of the Bigger Bet
Pool in Poker: Join Like-Minded Spins Players
Rebuys in Poker: A Comprehensive Guide to Rebuying
All-In in Poker: Putting All of Your Chips in Play
Open Raise in Poker: Understand Preflop Basics
Tells in Poker: 5 Common Tells to Be Aware Of
EV in Poker: How to Calculate Your Expected Value
ICM in Poker: How to Use Independent Chip Model
HUDs in Poker: Your Guide to Finding the Edge
RFI in Poker: What Does “Raise First In” Mean?
Satellites in Poker: In for the Min to Win the Max
Regular in Poker: 5 Profit-Boosting Things Regs Do
ITM (In the Money): A Dive into Poker's Payouts
ROI in Poker: Understand the Science Behind Success
Deep Stack in Poker Tournaments and Cash Games
Short Stack in Poker MTT Tournaments + Cash Games
Nit in Poker: The Players Who Hate Risk and Profit
Side Pot: What it is and how it affects hands
Fold Equity in Poker: Calculate Profitable Bluffs
Ring Game in Poker: Cash Game Strategy and Basics
Straddle in Poker: Fun Way to Lose Money Preflop
Fish in Poker: Maximize Profit Against Weak Players
Understanding Rainbow Flops in Poker: A Comprehensive Guide
Check Raise in Poker to Bluff or Increase Value
Jackpot in Poker: Bad Beat and High Hand Jackpots
Chip Leader in Poker: Handle the Biggest MTT Stack
Shark in Poker: How To Play With the Big Boys
Showdown in Poker: What to Know at this Stage
Equity in Poker (and Outs) Can Improve Decisions
Bomb Pot in Poker: Multi-Way Action and No Preflop
Brick in Poker: How to Play When a Brick Comes
Heads-Up in Poker: Where to Play and Basic Advice
Cash Game in Poker: Basic Rules and Ways to Play
Limp in Poker: The Move to Avoid
Dead Money in Poker: Definition and Ways to Profit
Rush in Poker: A Starter Guide to Fast-Fold Poker
Slow Roll in Poker: Follow These Unofficial Rules
Snap Call in Poker: When Should You Call Quick?
Fixed Limit Poker: How It's Different from No-Limit
Float in Poker and Make Bluffs on Turns and Rivers
Hijack in Poker: Where It Is And How To Play There
Insurance in Poker + Using Cash Out Options Online
Low Card in Poker: What is Low Card Strategy?
Runner Runner in Poker: Zero to Hero in Two Cards
Rabbit Hunting in Poker: Free Peek at the Future
Flat Call in Poker: Learn the Term and Strategy
Fold in Poker: Definition & Strategy for Laydowns
A-Game in Poker: Focus on Yourself and the Games
Leaks in Poker Drain Profit: Here’s How to Fix Them
Multi Pot in Poker: How to Play These Pots Better
Freebuy in Poker: Freerolls with Extra Entries
Freezeout in Poker: A Classic Tournament Format
Checking in Poker: Definition and Strategy Tips
Flush Draw in Poker: Definition and Probability
NLHE Poker: No-Limit Holdem Format Explained Quick
ATS in Poker: Use This Stat to Steal More Blinds
WTSD in Poker: Improve Your Game at Showdowns
WWSF in Poker: Why This Statistic is So Important
Poker Notes and Labels to Help Guide Decisions
Overlay Poker: The Tournaments You Should Look For 
Overlimping in Poker 
Implied Odds in Poker: Quickly Learn a New Skill
Knockout Tournaments in Poker
High Rollers in Poker
Shootout in Poker
Stop Loss in Poker
Call Down in Poker
Bluff Equity in Poker
4 Aces in Poker: Playing Four-of-a-Kind/Quad Aces
Hi Low Poker: Learn How to Play an Omaha Variant
Europool Online Poker aka European Shared Liquidity
Anti-Martingale Strategy: Alternative to a Classic?
Re-Entry Poker Tournament Pros, Cons, and Strategy
Slow Play in Poker: Will You Profit or Miss Value?
Spot in Poker: Situations You Need to Prepare For

Freerolls are a great way for beginner players to gain valuable tournament experience without having to risk a dime of their own money. These tournaments usually have a faster structure than real money tournaments, but it’s a great way to put in work on your game so that you are ready for the rigors of real money poker.

Poker Free Without Any Deposits Or Real Money
Free Poker Tournaments With Real Cash Prizes To Win
Freerolls Passwords in Poker: Real Cash Events

Looking for some help with your game? These articles will help you learn the basic poker rules that are important when playing live poker. They also describe the importance of position in poker, a key factor to improving your game.

Introduction to Poker Rules
Power of Position in Poker: The Pros and Cons of Each One
Card Suits In Poker: A Full Guide To Their Meaning
3-Bet Poker: How And When To Re-Raise Opponents
4-Bet Poker: Everything to Know About 4-Betting
Joker in Poker: What Kind of Poker Uses a Joker?
Loose Poker Habits That Players Need To Avoid
Tight Poker: How To Play Tight The Right Way

Arguably the most important thing to know in poker is to know what hand beats what. These articles will help you understand things like what is a straight, what is a full house, and what hand beats what.

What is a Full House?
Royal Flush Hand
What is a poker flush?
Poker Combinations: Complete List And Guide
What is a Poker Straight?
Poker hands and their rankings – What are poker hands?
Hierarchy In Poker: Hands Ranked Best To Worst
Two Pair In Poker: How To Rank And Play The Hand
Four-of-a-Kind in Poker: a Rare and Strong Hand
Straight Flush in Poker: The 2nd Best Poker Hand
Order of Poker Hands + Chance of Making Each One
Broadway in Poker: What Cards You Need to Get it

Smartphones have quickly taken over msot of the tech world, and while online poker was once thought to exculisvley be played on laptops, times have changed. Now, some players are playing some high stakes poker from the comfort of their own smartphones. These articles give you the best options for doing that.

Most Popular Poker Applications for iPhone
Poker on Android: Apps to Play in Poker

Just like any sport or game, practice makes perfect, and the more training you have, the better you will be. These articles are a great start for those who want to take a deeper dive into their poker game. From betting rounds to basic poker strategy, and learning the differences between cash games and tournaments, this is a great place for novices looking to become experts.

Betting Rounds In Poker [How To Play Each Round]
Poker For Beginners And Where To Learn More
How To Play Poker Plus Ways To Develop Skill
Poker Tournaments [Types And Basic Strategy Guide]
Poker Strategy and How It Changes Depending on the Game
GTO Poker Teaches You To Play More Profitably
Poker Courses And Analysis Tools With Free Options
Poker Tactics That Will Help You Become Better
Aggressive Poker: How To Use It and Defend From It
Count Cards in Poker Using Your Blockers and Outs
How to Calculate Probability in Poker and Use Outs
Poker Range Chart Guide: How to Start Using Ranges
Poker Moves You Should Already Be Using Online
ABC Poker Strategy for Online Players in 2023
Micro Stakes in Poker: 5 Major Tips to Break Out
6-Max in Poker: Playing Short-Handed Cash and MTT
9-Max in Poker: How to Play Full-Ring Profitably
Multi-Tabling in Poker: Full Guide with Strategy
AoF in Poker: All-In or Fold Rules and Strategy 
How to Find Nash Equilibrium to Improve Poker Skill
Make Money Playing Online Poker: Learn & Earn More
How to Remember Poker Hands to Play Better
John Nash Game Theory Explained for Beginners

Just how mobile online poker rooms are emerging in importance, the same can be said for poker apps. Some apps help you understand the optimal GTO play, while others focus simply on push fold charts for preflop play. YOu can also learn about things like PokerBros and Suprema Poker here.

Best Places to Play Real Money Poker And Mobile Poker Club Apps
Who are the agents in poker applications (PokerBros, PPPoker, Suprema Poker) and how do you become one?
Poker App Options For Free And Real Money Games
Poker Clubs And Agents [Plus Apps to Play On]

When we talk about football, Pele, Johan Cruyff, Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi immediately come to mind. Poker also has its stars and professionals: each of them followed his own path, but over time became popular and recognizable. Biographies of players who left their mark on poker history – in a series of articles

Vanessa Selbst: Life of the Retired Poker Star
Doug Polk’s Poker Career Highlights + Controversy
Daniel Negreanu: The Legendary Canadian Poker Pro
Everything you need to know about Justin Bonomo
Phil Hellmuth: Poker Brat with 17 WSOP Bracelets
Liv Boeree: A Multi-Talented English Poker Pro
Tobey Maguire: From Spider-Man to Poker Semi-Pro
Phil Ivey: One of Poker’s Most Recognizable Pros
David Sklansky: The Mastermind of Poker Strategy
Dan Harrington: The Poker Story of “Action Dan”
Zachary Elwood: The Maverick of Poker Psychology
Mike Caro: Learn About One of Poker's Best Authors
Peter Clarke: From an Amateur To a Poker Prodigy
Doyle Brunson: The Legacy of the Poker Pioneer
Title: Scotty Nguyen: Learn More About the Poker Legend
Phil Laak: The Quirky "Unabomber" Poker Persona
Collin Moshman: Successful Author and SNG Player
Tommy Angelo’s Elements of Poker Book Summary
Matthew Janda: Author of Classic Poker Books
Jared Tendler Books to Improve Your Mental Game
Joe Navarro: An FBI Agent Solving Poker Tells
Thomas Gravesen: A Footballer Loses $54 Mil in Poker
John Anhalt Flawless Poker: Is This Book Useful?
Matthew Hilger: Finance Turned Poker Strategist

Of course, not all poker is played online these days. Live poker is still a massive factor on the poker scene, and these articles will help you learn about playing live poker, and also tell you some of the sharks to look out for, listing off the best poker players of all time.

Poker Offline: Everything You Need To Play
WSOP Live Events And Poker Apps [Free Options]
The Best Poker Players Throughout the Decades
Live Poker in Casinos: Useful Tips For New Players

Since there are many options for onliner poker platforms for those not based in the US, many sites will run various promotions in order to attract more players to their sites. Often times, they will match a player’s first deposit with bonus dollars that can be unlocked by playing. Some of those options are broken down here.

Where To Play Poker Online: Free Play + Real Money
Poker With Friends For Free Or With Real Money
Video Poker Games Types And Basic Rules To Know
Governor of Poker 3 Is Best For Free Online Poker
Zynga Poker Is A Good Option For Free Online Poker
Poker Bonus List For Popular Real Money Sites
Best Online Poker Sites For Pros + Casual Players
Poker Blog Sites That Are Worth Your Attention

If you want to get good at live poker, you need to get comfortable with poker chips and cards. Like anything else in life, you get what you pay for, so check out these articles to find out what makes a quality poker chip and poker card.

What are Poker chips?
How to Choose the Best Poker Cards – what features to look for
Features to look for when buying a poker table

Texas Hold’em is the most famous kind of poker, but it certainly isn’t the only kind. Some players prefer Pot-Limit Omaha, others like 7-card-stud, and some prefer good old 5-card draw. Learn more about each of those games here.

5 Card Poker Explained With Hand Combinations
Omaha Poker Rules And Online Real-Money Sites
Types Of Poker Games You Should Know About
How To Play Texas Hold ’em Poker
Strip Poker Clothing And Easy-To-Follow Rules
3 Card Poker Basic Game Rules And Strategy Guide
Pai Gow Poker: What You Need to Know to Play It
Chinese Poker – A Simple Guide To Open-Face Poker
Indian Poker: Learn How To Play In a Few Minutes
Caribbean Stud Poker: Learn Quickly With Our Guide
Dice In Poker: Here’s How To Play A Classic Game
H.O.R.S.E. Poker Mixes Up Games and Strategies
Badugi Poker: Try This Fun Draw Lowball Game
Courchevel Poker: Try a 5-Card Variant From France
Lowball in Poker: Unlock the Strategies for Success
Virtual Poker Games: The Latest & Greatest Apps
Japanese Poker Games and Gorgeous Card Designs
Poker 3D Games: Free and Real Money Ways to Play
American Poker Game Guide + New Player Information

There are several tools that can be used in order to track your poker success, or improve your game. Some websites will help you track every one of your live and online tournament cashes, while other apps will help you hone your preflop game, or help you understand the odds and math behind the game easier.

Poker Odds Calculator [Why It’s Important To You]
Hand2Note Software Features And Subscriptions
Flopzilla and FlopzillaPro: Full Guide + Price
Poker Tools To Boost Your Skill [With Best HUDs]
An introduction to Sharkscope
Poker Solver Guide With Helpful Strategy Tips
888caption Poker Tool Review [Free 30-Day Trial]
GTO+ Poker Solver for High-Level Analysis + Study
DTO Poker Training Apps [Which is Right For You?]
GTO Wizard Solver Tool for Training and Analysis
Holdem Manager 3 Tracking Tool + HUD [Try it Free]
ICMIZER 3: Poker ICM Calculator for MTTs and SNGs
PioSOLVER 2.0: Advanced GTO Solver and Trainer
Poker Copilot HUD Shows Stats + Leaks in Real Time
PokerDope’s Basic and Free Online Poker Tools
PokerTracker 4 Main Features Review + Free Trial
Simple Postflop: Preflop and Postflop Poker Solver
Sit & Go Wizard 3 is a Useful Tool for SNG Players
StarsCaption: Essential Tool & HUD for PokerStars
Table Ninja 2 Optimizes Multi-Table Online Poker
Tournament Indicator Tool for MTT and SNG Players
PartyCaption: Enhance Your Online Poker Experience
Learn More About Poker Odds App CardsRunners EV
Diving Into the Jurojin Poker Software Application
PLO Mastermind 4-Card & 5-Card Omaha App Review
PokerScout Shows You Updated Player Traffic Info
PokerIQ: Sharpen Your Skills with Preflop Trainer
UPTO: How the Organizer Helps Your Online Game
5 Best Software for Poker Training and Studying
Poker Variance Calculator Guide for Beginner Users

Anyone who has even remotely heard of poker knows about PokerStars – the legendary poker room with a red spade on its logo. Catchy marketing moves, tournaments for all wallet sizes, a variety of poker varieties in the lobby and other factors have made PokerStars popular and recognizable all over the world.

PokerStars Deposits: Best Ways to Use Your Money
PokerStars Rewards: Your Step-by-Step Bonus Guide
PokerStars Promotions: Optimize Your Experience
PokerStars Withdraw: Best Ways to Get Your Money
PokerStars on PC: Download Guide + Software Review
PokerStars App: Real Money Games on Apple/Android
PokerStars Register Steps and Welcome Bonuses

The Asian network GGNetwork quickly took the lead in popularity among players, leaving its competitors behind. This is where the largest tournaments and series take place, and the variety of disciplines will surprise even the most experienced. We have collected the most important questions about GGPoker in a database of articles so that beginners can quickly find their bearings and start playing.

GGPoker Deposit Options and Steps for First-Timers
GGPoker Withdraw Options and Info You Should Know
GGPoker Opinions From Average Players and Pros
GGPoker Rush and Cash: Online Poker Game Guide
GGPoker Promotions You Can Start to Use Today
GGPoker App Download for PC and Mobile Players

888poker is a poker site with more than 20 years of history, one of the old-timers in the poker industry. In addition to many promotions and freerolls with substantial prizes, they offer an exclusive no-deposit bonus that competitors cannot boast of. In the articles you can find up-to-date information on registration, deposits and withdrawals, choosing a client for different operating systems and much more.

888poker App: Register Fast and Start Playing
888poker Promotions for New Players (and Old Ones)
888poker Deposit Options (How to Use Each Method)
888poker Withdraw Guide with Processing Times
888poker on PC: Play Poker in the App or Browser
888poker Register and Play Online Poker in 5 Steps
888 Network Overview & 888poker Guide for Players

Partypoker is one of the oldest online poker rooms. Over its more than 20-year history, partypoker has acquired a reputation as a reliable site that is loyal to players: it offers some of the best cashback conditions, regularly hosts tournament series and leaderboards for professional poker players. You can find out more about client features, registration and promotions in articles from GipsyTeam.

Partypoker Deposit Guide and Each Available Method
Partypoker App Download Guide for PC and Mobile
Partypoker Withdraw Guide: How to Cash Out Quick
Partypoker Opinion: Summary of a Major Poker Site
Partypoker on PC: Fast Download Guide + Features
Partypoker Register Guide and Welcome Bonuses
Americas Cardroom Promotions (Running Right Now)
Americas Cardroom App Easy Download Guide + Review
Americas Cardroom Deposit Guide with All Options
Americas Cardroom Withdraw Options and All Steps
Americas Cardroom on PC: Download + Useful Info
Americas Cardroom Register Steps to Get Your Bonus
PokerKing App for Real Money Games (PC + Mobile)
PokerKing Promotions and Bonuses for All Players
PokerKing Deposit Guide with Bonus Instructions
PokerKing Withdraw Steps: Here’s How to Cashout
BetOnline Promotions for New and Long-Time Players
BetOnline Withdraw Steps (With Limits and Fees)
BetOnline Deposit Guide and Steps for Max Bonuses
Natural8 Withdraw Guide: Collect Winnings Quickly
Natural8 Deposit Guide: Easily Collect Bonuses
Best PPPoker Clubs for Soft Action (with Club IDs)
PPPoker Yamal Union: Soft NLH and PLO Cash Games
PPPoker PPPFish Union: Australia’s Best Alliance
PPPoker PrimeTime Mega Union: Cash and MTT Hub
PPPoker El Dorado Union Full Review (Unión Dorada)
PPPoker Romano Union: Soft NLH and PLO4 Cash Games
PPPoker Kingdom of Poker Union for PLO5 Cash Games
PPPoker Pinoy Donks Union: Round-the-Clock Action
Best PokerBros Clubs and Unions to Join Today
PokerBros Diamond Series of Poker MTTs (The DSOP)
PokerBros Diamond Union: Guide to Clubs and Games
PokerBros Paradise Union: Summary + How to Join
PokerBros PanAmericana Union Summary + How to Join
PokerBros Pacifica Union: Games and How to Join
PokerBros RGS Union: Summary of Run Good Streets
PokerBros The Rec Room Union: Soft American Games
PokerBros Lucky Stars Union and Club: Player Guide
PokerBros The Pod Union: Can Players Still Join?
PokerBros FishTank Club for Diamond Union Players
PokerBros Titanium Union: Quick Guide for Players
PokerBros Ireland Union: A New Soft Spot for Omaha
GGNetwork – Review of the Largest Poker Network
GVC Network: Info on Partypoker, Bwin, and Coral
IDNPoker Network: Review + Info on Skins and Games
IGT Poker Network: Summary of Rooms and Closure
iPoker Network: Review of RedStar with Useful Info
Microgaming Poker Network Skins + Current Status
PaiWangLuo Poker Network: Room and Promo Info
Winning Poker Network Review and Welcome Bonuses

This section contains articles that did not fit into other categories: from unusual nicknames and tax rules to methods of cheating and poker addiction.

Movies About Poker: From 007 to an Old Classic 
Twitch Poker Channels We Bet You Will Go All-In On
History Of Poker: From Primero And Poque To Online
Sports: Poker is a Mind Sport
Poker Addiction: How to Determine When It’s Too Much
Books about Poker: The Best Ones Through the Years
Five Craziest Bluffs in Poker History (Old-School)
5 Best Mobile App for Playing Poker in Clubs
5 Best Ways to Learn How to Play Poker in 2024
5 Best Ways to Start Making More Money in Poker
5 Most Famous Players in Poker History
5 Best Ways to Avoid Tilt in Poker + Tools to Help 
5 Best Ways to Become a Professional Poker Player 
Blockchain Poker Guide for Players with Crypto 
Crypto Poker Sites: Play With BTC and Other Coins 
Bitcoin Poker Sites: Legit Places to Use Crypto 
5 Most Famous Women in Poker You Should Know
5 Best Poker Sites for Cash Games (+ Room Reviews)
5 Best Spin and Go Poker Sites with Jackpots
5 Best Poker Sites for MTT Players This Year
Best Micro Stakes Poker Sites for Cash Games + MTTs
5 Best Poker Promotions for Beginners in 2024
5 Best Poker Apps for Smartphones in 2024 (Android + iOS)
Crushing the Microstakes by Nathan Williams Reviewed
Poker Shirts of the World Series and Other Brands
Poker in Football Context: What’s This Term Mean?